The power of Lavender Slimming Oil for weight loss

Losing weight is not an overnight miracle. Having a balanced diet and regular exercise are foolproof ways of losing weight. However, losing and maintaining weight is not just about eating or exercising. Adding Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil into your daily routine can help you achieve a firmer and slimmer body quickly and more easily

Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil is made in Australia and was awarded by Singapore’s Women’s Weekly with a Spa Award in 2014. 100% pure organic oil that helps to tone flabby skin and break down excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up. On top of that, it combats fatigue and stress.


Increases the mobility of food in the intestine and stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile, thus aiding in digestion. It also accelerates detoxification by safely eliminating harmful substances or waste materials that accumulated in the body.

Lymphatic Drainage Facilitation

Lavender can help to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that makes our body hold onto excess fat, making it harder for people to lose weight. Lavender Slimming Massage Oil assists in removing the excess fat and stubborn cellulite on thighs and other areas, thus preventing the accumulation of under-skin fatty tissues. It also curbs food cravings and invigorates your workouts. This speeds up the weight loss process!

Eliminates Sagging Skin

Tones, contours and tightens muscles. This progression prevents, and at the same time reduces, flab and slack skin. Your skin will become firmer and younger looking!

Reduces Scars, Acne & Stretch Marks

Moisturises and treats chapped skin, preventing it from drying further. The antibacterial properties present in it help to balance sebum production and lessen acne. It also can diminish and remove the visibility and appearance of stretch marks.

Fatigue and Stress Relief

Lavender Slimming Massage Oil has a calming scent, making it an excellent tonic for fatigue and stress related issues. It is greatly helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. Its refreshing aroma expels nervous exhaustion and restlessness. At the same time, mental activity increases.

Adding Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil or other variations of Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil Set to your daily routine can help pave the road to your successful weight loss regime.

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