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Not all body fats are alike. Some serve essential purposes in maintaining normal body functions, while others are highly associated with health problems. Other than functions, fats are also distributed differently amongst individuals, resulting in different body shapes. Eating a balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise may improve body composition but they do not change such body fat distribution. Understanding what your body type is, you can find the right way to target the areas where body fat is usually stored for personalized fat loss approaches. When it comes to fat loss, there is no one-size-fits-all approach!

Body Type: Apple Body Shape (Android Obesity)

People with an apple-shaped body have a high level of visceral fats with fats distributed mainly at their upper body such as chest, abdomen and arm. This body type is usually common in man and is derived from an inactive lifestyle and overconsumption of sugary and oily food, which is the reason why this body type is at the highest risk for health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, not all belly bulges are due to excess fats and weight gain. Beer belly and menopause belly are some examples and are abdominal distention due to poor digestive system and hormonal imbalances.

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction Slimming treatment expressions Singapore

Targeted Fat Loss for Apple Body Shape

Reducing sugar and calories intake and increasing physical activities may help to improve the appearance of apple body type. To boost weight loss efforts, Expressions US-FDA-approved Vanquish Me Fat Reduction Treatment would be the best pick for effective circumferential and abdominal reduction for apple body shape. Harnessing patented Radio-frequency Technology, fat cells will be destroyed with liquid fat be eliminated as waste naturally. During the treatment, there will be zero contact between the body and the device, so rest assured that one can lie down comfortably and relax while targeting the fats! The treatment covers from flank to flank at the abdomen, leaving no unevenness or unwanted lines behind. 

On the other hand, those who have a beer belly may not observe an immediate response to healthy lifestyle changes due to more stubborn belly bulges. To deliver better fat reduction results, opt for Shockwave treatment prior to any other slimming treatments. Sound waves and its mechanical vibrations penetrate deep into the stubborn fat tissue to more effectively target the fat deposits found in beer belly.

Body Type: Pear Body Shape (Gynoid Obesity)

Storing fats around the hips, buttocks and thighs with appearances of cellulite and stretchmarks are the characteristics of the pear body shape and this is especially common in women. Even though this body type is less associated with health risks as compared to the Apple Body Shape, people with pear-shaped bodies may want to improve their appearance for aesthetic purposes. They may find it more difficult to lose weight than those with an apple shape because the hormones mainly drive this body shape. 

Fire & Ice Double Action Weight Loss for Pear Body Shape

Stubborn fats around hip and thighs for pear body shape can be targeted with Expressions advanced Fire and Ice 2-in-1 treatment combination. This is a combination of Award Winning BodyKa Fat Melting (Fire) treatment with low frequency waves and Crystal Freeze (Ice) treatment with 360° fat freezing. BodyKa breaks down fat cells while Crystal Freeze crystallizes fat cells up to -9°C, both destroying fats at an incredible rate. With no downtime and side effects, one can resume daily activities right after. How awesome!

Embark your Fat Loss journey with Expressions

Balanced diet and active lifestyle are essential, but they can be complemented with advanced technology for a more effective way to lose body fat. At Expressions, slimming professionals can help both genders understand what their body types are with free consultation, body analysis and subsequently provide personalized non-surgical, non-invasive slimming plans to achieve long-lasting fat loss. The ideal body shape is achievable! Say goodbye to the pockets of stubborn fat with tailored treatments at Expressions today.

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