Ideal to Real: How to change your Body Type?

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Not all body fats are alike. Some serve essential purposes in maintaining normal body functions, while others are highly associated with health problems. Other than functions, fats are also distributed differently amongst individuals, resulting in different body shapes. Eating a balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise may improve body composition but they do not change such body fat distribution. Understanding what your body type is, you can find the right way to target the areas where body fat is usually stored for personalized fat loss approaches. When it comes to fat loss, there is no one-size-fits-all approach!

Body Type: Apple Body Shape (Android Obesity)

People with an apple-shaped body have a high level of visceral fats with fats distributed mainly at their upper body such as chest, abdomen and arm. This body type is usually common in man and is derived from an inactive lifestyle and overconsumption of sugary and oily food, which is the reason why this body type is at the highest risk for health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, not all belly bulges are due to excess fats and weight gain. Beer belly and menopause belly are some examples and are abdominal distention due to poor digestive system and hormonal imbalances.

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction Slimming treatment expressions Singapore

Targeted Fat Loss for Apple Body Shape

Reducing sugar and calories intake and increasing physical activities may help to improve the appearance of apple body type. To boost weight loss efforts, Expressions US-FDA-approved Vanquish Me Fat Reduction Treatment would be the best pick for effective circumferential and abdominal reduction for apple body shape. Harnessing patented Radio-frequency Technology, fat cells will be destroyed with liquid fat be eliminated as waste naturally. During the treatment, there will be zero contact between the body and the device, so rest assured that one can lie down comfortably and relax while targeting the fats! The treatment covers from flank to flank at the abdomen, leaving no unevenness or unwanted lines behind. 

On the other hand, those who have a beer belly may not observe an immediate response to healthy lifestyle changes due to more stubborn belly bulges. To deliver better fat reduction results, opt for Shockwave treatment prior to any other slimming treatments. Sound waves and its mechanical vibrations penetrate deep into the stubborn fat tissue to more effectively target the fat deposits found in beer belly.

Body Type: Pear Body Shape (Gynoid Obesity)

Storing fats around the hips, buttocks and thighs with appearances of cellulite and stretchmarks are the characteristics of the pear body shape and this is especially common in women. Even though this body type is less associated with health risks as compared to the Apple Body Shape, people with pear-shaped bodies may want to improve their appearance for aesthetic purposes. They may find it more difficult to lose weight than those with an apple shape because the hormones mainly drive this body shape. 

Fire & Ice Double Action Weight Loss for Pear Body Shape

Stubborn fats around hip and thighs for pear body shape can be targeted with Expressions advanced Fire and Ice 2-in-1 treatment combination. This is a combination of Award Winning BodyKa Fat Melting (Fire) treatment with low frequency waves and Crystal Freeze (Ice) treatment with 360° fat freezing. BodyKa breaks down fat cells while Crystal Freeze crystallizes fat cells up to -9°C, both destroying fats at an incredible rate. With no downtime and side effects, one can resume daily activities right after. How awesome!

Embark your Fat Loss journey with Expressions

Balanced diet and active lifestyle are essential, but they can be complemented with advanced technology for a more effective way to lose body fat. At Expressions, slimming professionals can help both genders understand what their body types are with free consultation, body analysis and subsequently provide personalized non-surgical, non-invasive slimming plans to achieve long-lasting fat loss. The ideal body shape is achievable! Say goodbye to the pockets of stubborn fat with tailored treatments at Expressions today.

3 treatments to effectively remove your stubborn stretch marks

If you’ve read our previous article: Easy DIY remedies for frustrating stretch marks, you know that there are home remedies to soothe your stretch marks. But stretch marks are stubborn and it is never easy removing them regardless of how religious we are in our skincare regime.

Fret not! We are privilege to be born in an era where technology can remove imperfections on our skin. Forget about invasive surgery and anaesthesia! Stretch marks removal treatments in the market are becoming more advance, safe, and most importantly – fast and effective! Here are 3 treatments to help with your stubborn stretch marks:

Prep your body for a new skin

There are no ends to a woman’s worries besides the inevitable (hello cellulite, our old friend) and many of us want fast results. The 4PLUS Dynamic Q RF targets all the bodily imperfections you agonize over in a snap. Using advanced dynamics of radio frequency technology induces natural skin resurfacing to treat areas scarred by body wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks. It also stimulates fatty acids which reduce body fats in stubborn areas that even diligent exercise struggle with, except this treatment sees you chilling in a warm and cozy state of mind under the energy of the waves.

4 PLUS treatment Dynamic Q RF Treatment by Expressions
4PLUS Dynamic Q RF Function

Sound waves to shrinks fats?

You’ll be shocked in more ways than one at how effective Shockwave Therapy will be. This special treatment will take on fat cells using the vibrations from sound waves to shrink them and increases blood flow to the targeted areas, leaving behind a tighter-looking and firmer body minus the cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy skin. Non-invasive and no strings attached in the form of pesky side effects so you have nothing to fear.

Shockwave Anti Cellulite Therapy by Expressions

Back to basics to remove stretch marks

And now we’re bringing out our pride and joy in the form of a treatment specifically targeted at stretch marks. Tested and proven, Expressions’ Stretch Mark Removal Technology treatment effectively lightens and eliminates the appearance of stretch marks.

Seeing that the streaks differ in terms of severity, the latest acoustic sound waves that are similar to that of the Shockwave Therapy uses its mechanical vibrations to improve micro-circulation and oxygen supply. On top of that, it promotes collagen synthesis and elimination of factors that cause uneven skin tone, one of the banes of stretch marks.

Stretchmarks Removal Treatment by Expressions

Every treatment sees visible results as you watch your stretch marks disappear like magic and it’ll almost be as if they never existed.

You can never go wrong with consulting a professional for laser or radiofrequency treatments to find out what suits your skin. Remember, positive vibes and thinking only!

Easy DIY remedies for frustrating stretch marks

Easy DIY remedies for frustrating stretch marks expressions singapore

They say beauty is fleeting, and stretch marks are just one of the reasons why.

Many pregnant ladies go to great lengths to hide the indented, pinkish-red streaks on their bodies. And they’re not the only ones at risk, even though it’s more common among them especially during the last trimester. 

Heck, if you’re female, you’re already at risk of developing stretch marks. The good news is that they don’t pose a danger to your life and cause zero pain.

How are stretch marks formed?

Stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the skin and jump in cortisone levels, which is a hormone that weakens the elasticity in your skin. Teenagers who have seen a rapid loss or gain in weight and women who have genetic disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome and Marfan syndrome also chance upon stretch marks.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good and the thought of having to cover up in sunny Singapore is already sweat-inducing. But never fear, we’ve got you covered! We’re back to bust the myth that beauty fades by making your stretch marks go instead!

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Cucumber & Lemon Juice, the natural healer

Hiding within plain sight in your kitchen are a dozen home remedies waiting to be experimented with all in the name of beauty. A power couple that leaves no pain behind is cucumber and lemon juice.

  1. Mix equal portions of lime juice and cucumber juice, and apply the mixture onto the stretch marks and its surrounding areas
  2. Allow it to soak into your skin for approximately 10 minutes
  3. Wash it off with warm water.

The natural acidity in the lemon juice helps heal and reduce scars while the cucumber juice is the soothing balm that leaves your skin cool and fresh.

Coconut oil & Olive oil, your all-rounded beauty remedy

There’s also the option of using the mother of all homemade beauty remedies: coconut oil. You can either choose between using it plain by massaging a few drops of it onto affected areas and letting them soak in or adding a few drops of olive oil and mixing it before application.

However, if you can’t find the time to find these ingredients and prefer an easier alternative via the click of a button, Expressions presents the Rose Body Cream made from a natural blend of Shea butter oil, avocado, and rose extract.

This heavenly combination is said to “feel like rose satin gliding across your skin” and smooths out the fine lines on rough, dry skin, leaving behind a soft suppleness that will make you feel young again.

And because two is better than one, another contender in the rose collection is the Rose Organic Oil, packaged into a sleek bottle and radiating elegance in both looks and scent.

The power combo of rose oil and Vitamin A will not only act as a lightweight moisturizer on regular days but is also designed to reduce scars and wrinkles. The antioxidants work to lighten stretch marks and slowly nudge your skin into regaining its natural color and tone.

All these applications need to be worked into your skin daily, so diligence is key!

Salt as a Natural Exfoliator

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that renews overall skin tone and texture and one of the few clinically proven ways of making stretch marks fade. But it might seem a little scary as it’s minimally invasive so we once again bring you homemade remedies in the form of exfoliation concoctions as a naturopathic method.

Salt scrubs are an easy way to use as an exfoliator. Natural sea salt contains minerals that encourage detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system.  

Add one cup of sea salt with 1/3 cup of a softening agent like coconut oil and mix well. Scrub the finished product onto the areas with stretch marks before rinsing it off.

While most choose to opt for sea salt, some aren’t aware that the Himalayan Salt has many more benefits to its name in comparison.

Expressions’ Organic Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is high in iron level and has 84 materials retained in its composition. The latter boasts many favorable results such as enhanced absorption of nutrients, regulated blood pressure, and of course, thorough exfoliation that will help in removing stretch marks. 

If you’re seeking a different softening agent with added benefits, Expressions’ Lavender Slimming Oil is paired ideally well with the salt scrub. This therapeutic oil has detoxification and slimming properties that can aid in the ridding of excess fat cells. Not to mention it can also help with stretch marks reduction!  For those who love the scent of lavender, it can be incredibly stress-relieving.

Exfoliation, like the use of home remedies mentioned above, needs to be done regularly. We recommend doing it weekly.

However, if you’re looking for a quicker and sure-fire way, keep reading below!

Overcoming Stretch marks: Consistency is key

To round this up, we bring to attention nature’s very own vaccine against harmful toxins in the body, which is plain diet and exercise. It might seem so simple but requires paying a lot of attention and, if need be, changes in lifestyle that will ultimately improve your way of living in the long run. Make sure you hydrate yourself with plenty of water as this helps with improving the elasticity of your skin.

Consume foods high in zinc and protein such as meat, poultry, and eggs. Carrots, spinach, and fresh food, all of which are high in Vitamins A and C, are also food groups that will minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Please note, however, that some vitamins such as Vitamin A can be dangerous if consumed in high doses, particularly to pregnant women.

You might think stretch marks can never be 100% gone but that’s where you come in. Make sure you religiously treat your skin with the right remedy that you are compatible with daily over a course of 6 months. However, if you are lazy and looking for a faster action to completely remove stretch marks within 2 to 3 months, check out this alternative treatment here!

Still not convinced with DIY remedies? We’ve also provided you with alternatives – learn about the 3 treatments to effectively remove your stubborn stretch marks.

5 benefits of Cool Sculpting/Fat Freezing treatments

benefits of cool sculpting fat freezing treatment expressions blog

CoolSculpting / Fat Freezing is a non-invasive and non-surgical body contouring procedure that targets on reducing unwanted fats and stubborn fat cells.

In today’s modern society, obesity is highly prevalent

This circumstance is characterised by the plentiful food options made accessible and the increasing sedentary lifestyles of people. 

While efforts to lose weight through dieting, acupuncture, liposuction or exercise can prove tedious or futile, cosmetic surgery is too risky. Furthermore, exercising does not eliminate fat cells completely. When you exercise and lose weight, the fat cell stays put – underneath our skin in our tummy, arms, thighs etc.  Excess fat cells produce hormones that slow down metabolism, making obesity hard to treat. Whereas, fat freezing Treatments utilise low temperatures to kill these subcutaneous fat cells completely. It is designed to help people get in shape and tone up by eliminating unwanted bulges.

Cool Shape expressions fat freezing slimming treatment

Five Benefits of Cool Shape Treatment

1. Safe and non-invasive

For our Cool Shape Treatment, there is no needle, incision or surgical equipment used and clients do not need any anaesthesia. Thus, unlike the usual surgical procedures, there is no risk of injury, nerve damage or any permanent side effects.

2. No downtime and fast

The treatment lasts for only about an hour. Plus, there is no downtime. When clients undergo the treatment, the process is comparable to them receiving a massage! After the treatment ends, clients can get back to work immediately and/or resume their daily activities.

3. Natural looking results

Clients can see the results after only one session and they typically see significant results after three to six months of treatment. Since Cool Shape Treatment is a non-surgical procedure that freezes fat cells to make those cells fade naturally, it yields natural looking results. This progression makes it easier to keep the treatments as a secret if that is what the clients want!

4. Fat areas are targeted

Rather than overall weight loss, some clients are looking to reduce the fats only in certain areas of their body. Cool Shape Treatment can target and eliminate fats in specific areas of body such as tummy, love handles, arms, thighs, and hips to help clients achieve their ideal body.

5. Long lasting and permanent fat loss

The concept of the Cool Sculpting Treatment is to kill subcutaneous fat deposits and permanently remove the targeted fat cells. The exposure to cold temperatures causes the death of the fat cells without harming the external skin. This gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The treated fat is gone for good so clients always can see the long-term results after treatment!

The power of Lavender Slimming Oil for weight loss

Losing weight is not an overnight miracle. Having a balanced diet and regular exercise are foolproof ways of losing weight. However, losing and maintaining weight is not just about eating or exercising. Adding Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil into your daily routine can help you achieve a firmer and slimmer body quickly and more easily

Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil is made in Australia and was awarded by Singapore’s Women’s Weekly with a Spa Award in 2014. 100% pure organic oil that helps to tone flabby skin and break down excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up. On top of that, it combats fatigue and stress.


Increases the mobility of food in the intestine and stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile, thus aiding in digestion. It also accelerates detoxification by safely eliminating harmful substances or waste materials that accumulated in the body.

Lymphatic Drainage Facilitation

Lavender can help to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that makes our body hold onto excess fat, making it harder for people to lose weight. Lavender Slimming Massage Oil assists in removing the excess fat and stubborn cellulite on thighs and other areas, thus preventing the accumulation of under-skin fatty tissues. It also curbs food cravings and invigorates your workouts. This speeds up the weight loss process!

Eliminates Sagging Skin

Tones, contours and tightens muscles. This progression prevents, and at the same time reduces, flab and slack skin. Your skin will become firmer and younger looking!

Reduces Scars, Acne & Stretch Marks

Moisturises and treats chapped skin, preventing it from drying further. The antibacterial properties present in it help to balance sebum production and lessen acne. It also can diminish and remove the visibility and appearance of stretch marks.

Fatigue and Stress Relief

Lavender Slimming Massage Oil has a calming scent, making it an excellent tonic for fatigue and stress related issues. It is greatly helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. Its refreshing aroma expels nervous exhaustion and restlessness. At the same time, mental activity increases.

Adding Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil or other variations of Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil Set to your daily routine can help pave the road to your successful weight loss regime.

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