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Stretch Mark Removal

2 in 1 treatment to get rid of your stretch marks

Recommended for those who have unsightly stretch marks due to pregnancy, sudden growth spurts or rapid weight gain. Common areas include the stomach, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs, where larger amounts of body fats are stored.

Lightens white or red stretch marks

Promotes healing of uneven skin texture

Improves elasticity and firmness of skin

Quick, visible, proven results


Erase your stretch marks effortlessly

Heal Your Stretched Skin

Stretch Mark Removal - Acoustic Wave Technology

Using our latest acoustic waves technology, it generates mechanical vibrations that reach deep within the targeted tissues. This improves microcirculation and oxygen supply. More importantly, it promotes collagen synthesis and elimination of factors that causes uneven skin tone, treating all different kinds of stretch marks.

Alternatively, our cryolipolysis (cold therapy) uses the delivery of cold temperature into targeted dermal area. This effectively promotes skin tightening. Different treatments are available for different skin types and severity of stretch marks.

How Stretch Mark Removal works

Restore and tighten your stretched skin to its natural color safe and fast

Say goodbye to your stretch marks, and be comfortable in your own skin. At Expressions, every treatment is customised to fit your individual needs.

See visible results after every treatment

Erase your imperfections

Expressions’ Stretch Mark Removal re-establishes your skin's smooth texture with just a few treatments.


Gel will be applied to the treatment area and the applicator will glide across the treatment area. The treatment is safe, non-invasive and painless.

Treatment duration is typically 20 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Extended time for bigger area.

The number of sessions depends on your skin condition and severity of stretch marks.

There are no side effects. However, there may be transient redness on the treated area, but it will subside quickly and will not interfere with your daily activities.

As the treated fat cells are eliminated from the body, results will be long-term. With a balanced lifestyle and diet, the long-term results should remain sustainable.

After a few treatments, depending on how severe the stretch marks are, they will start to lighten in appearance.

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Not sure if Stretch Mark Removal is right for you?

We take into consideration your body type, skin complexion, zone assessment, hydration level, BMI, diet and lifestyle to help you achieve outstanding results.

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