Elizabeth’s Weight Loss & Body Toning Journey

Being in the media industry, Elizabeth Boon faces this constant pressure to always look good in front of the camera. She enjoys taking selfies, and is often dressed in figure-hugging apparel as her go-to style. However, she feels that she has yet to attain her dream figure – one that she feels most confident and beautiful in.

With that, 2019 marked the start of Elizabeth’s journey with Expressions. After a customized body analysis, our consultants offered Elizabeth a comprehensive slimming plan tailored to her body needs. The first phase was to focus on weight loss, followed by body toning.

Weight Loss

BodyKa Fat Melting

One of Expressions signature Fat Melting treatment, BodyKa uses Ultrasound technology to rapidly break down stubborn fats. These fatty cells would then be liquified to get flushed out of the body naturally. BodyKa was one of Elizabeth’s go-to treatments and she did it consecutively for at least 5 sessions! As one of the best-selling treatments for years, many customers have observed results in just 1 session*.

*results may vary with individuals

Did you know? Stubborn fats are known as fats that are resistant to diet and exercises. Our BodyKa treatment is able to target the fats underneath your skin, all while being a pain-free process. Rest assured that no needles or surgical procedures will be involved!

EMG Fat Reduction

Known as Endodermic Massage, the EMG Fat Reduction treatment aids in body detox through a sophisticated massaging technology to perform non-invasive mechanical massage of the skin. Massage is done with special rollers designed to massage specific parts of the body, with gentle suctioning manoeuvres on the surface to induce detoxification and stimulation of lymphatic drainage. In conjunction with BodyKa, both treatments work great together to effectively reduce excess fats and detox the body.

“I really like how the treatments are pain-free and comfortable. I also do notice at least a 1cm drop in my tummy after each session!”

– Elizabeth Boon
Crystal Freeze

Aside from the tummy, Elizabeth’s areas of concerns included her arms and thighs as well. The Crystal Freeze treatment freezes and crystallizes fat cells up to -9°C. The procedure involves controlled cooling to effectively target the fat cells underneath your skin. In the process, your fat cells get frozen and destroyed under cold temperatures.

Able to target 2 areas at once, it allowed Elizabeth to target selective areas while maximizing the treatment’s duration. She was able to just lay in comfort throughout the entire process while witnessing optimal, visible results.

Body Contouring/Toning

After the initial phase of Weight Loss, our consultants recommended Elizabeth treatments that were focused on body toning next.

Exilis Body Contouring
Expressions Exilis Body Contouring Treatment

Another of Expressions’ signature treatments, the Exilis Body Contouring treatment effectively tightens and firms loose, excess skin for a visibly contoured figure. This treatment works great for the concerns that many women share – cellulite and flabby arms. If you’re struggling to get rid of these issues, Exilis might just be the solution that you need. The treatment involves the use of both Ultrasonic and US FDA-approved Radio Frequency to induce fat lipolysis and collagen synthesis. Exilis helped to smoothen the appearance of cellulite on Elizabeth’s thighs while giving her the much-needed collagen boost.

Expressions Exilis Body Toning treatment

After 3 sessions, she was able to flaunt a more contoured figure with confidence and she was beyond happy with that.

“I feel more confident, definitely. I’m able to wear clothes that show off my arms and legs more without feeling insecure. Definitely happier and I think I look better in photos as well!”

Expressions anti-cellulite Shockwave treatment

As a specialized anti-cellulite treatment, Shockwave taps on Soundwave technology to reduce fluid retention and improve the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Moreover, it expedites the slimming/weight loss process as well. With a duration of just 20 minutes, Shockwave is really convenient to slot into your lunch break! Pop by any of our four outlets for a quick, fuss-free slimming session.

Having been with Expressions for around 2 years now, we asked Elizabeth what her favourite treatment was, and this was her reply:

I think it’s really hard to pick a favourite because all of them are very complementary to one another. I love all of them!

At present, Elizabeth couldn’t be happier after achieving her dream body, she feels much more confident and happy now while flaunting her favourite clothings! She has been returning to Expressions weekly to upkeep and maintain her slim, toned figure.

Watch here to find out more!

Join our customized slimming program today for a truly one-of-a-kind experience! Be the next success story – embrace the best version of yourself. Enquire with us today!

Exilis Face Tightening – Your Secret To A V-shaped Face

Always desired that coveted V-shaped face that your favourite celebrity has? An uplifted facial appearance can instantly take years off your age, unveiling a younger You with less saggy skin.

Expressions Exilis Face Tightening treatment can help you regain your youthful appearance.

What is Exilis Face Tightening?

Expressions Exilis Face Tightening treatment is a non-surgical, safe treatment that will lift, firm and tighten sagging skin. The treatment also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for smoothening out your laugh lines and crow’s feet!

How does Exilis Face Tightening work?

Exilis Facial Tightening by Expressions targets fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet

The treatment uses US FDA-approved advanced Radio Frequency technology to tighten, firm and lift lax, wrinkled skin. Doubling up as an anti-aging preventive measure, the Exilis Face Tightening treatment harnesses thermal energy to initiate a boost in collagen production and stimulate collagen remodeling. These work together to strengthen the skin’s texture and laxity, resulting in a youthful, radiant complexion.

This avant garde aesthetic treatment uses the Unique EFC™ (Energy Flow Control), a type of controlled heating and cooling technique, to deliver energy painlessly into various depths in the tissue to restore elastin in the skin.


  • Reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet
  • Tightening of sagging skin
  • Visibly uplifted appearance
  • Boost in collagen and elastin
  • Overall facial rejuvenation

Amazing visible results

Before After

Featured: Jeslyne Soh

Before After

The best part? The entire duration of the treatment will be a pain-free, relaxing experience. Our customers have even commented that the entire session is akin to a hot stone massage!

With that said, don’t hesitate to try out our Exilis Face Tightening today!

Milia Seeds: Causes and Expert Solutions

Ever had those tiny, pesky white bumps on your skin that just won’t pop? These bumps are Milia Seeds (aka Milia or milk spots), which form when keratin gets trapped beneath your skin’s surface. Milia can form on people of all ages, and typically appear around the eye area, nose, and cheeks.

Tiny yet displeasing, these unsightly bumps are about 2mm in width and they cause uneven skin textures. Milia can be formed due to some contributing factors:

Lack of exfoliation

This is one primary reason for the growth of Milia. A lack of exfoliation causes the buildup of dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores near the skin’s surface. Over time, small white bumps will start forming. Thus, your best bet is to prevent them before they form.

Heavy textured creams

If the Milia seems to cluster around your eye area, it is likely that the face creams that you are using are too rich for your skin type. Since our eyelids are very thin and delicate, they are more susceptible to problems arising from cosmetic products. Creams with thicker textures can clog pores and trap dead skin cells. Hence, do avoid using such products near your eye area!

Skin damage

Constant exposure to sunlight causes the skin to age. Aging skin forms a thicker epidermis (the outermost layer of our skin). Resultingly, this causes the skin to clog and become rougher, making it harder for dead skin cells to be sloughed away.

Excessive sebum production

When the skin produces excessive sebum, oil along with dead skin cells get trapped in the pores near the skin’s surface. Over time, they become hardened with keratin and form Milia.

Now, with that, you must be wondering what are the solutions then?

Specialised Milia Seed removal treatment
Expressions Milia Removal Treatment

As specific techniques are required, trying to pop the Milia on your own is not recommended. Attempting it at home might also cause unwanted infections and scarring.  Instead, seek the help and expertise of professionals.

Expressions Milia removal treatment uses advanced electrolysis treatment to remove Milia, skin tags and skin colored moles. Current passes through the needle of the probe and cauterizes the problem area. The Milia Seeds will then fall out naturally after a few days. This treatment is a great non-surgical option with minimal discomfort and no side effects.

Expressions Hydration Peel Facial

This award-winning facial is infused with AHA and BHA solutions, which help greatly in exfoliating dead skin cells. As we all know, regular exfoliation is key to a clear complexion. Likewise, exfoliating is important to prevent keratin and dead skin cells from being trapped underneath your skin. This facial’s pore cleansing properties also helps to refine your skin texture for smooth porcelain skin!

The best part? There’s zero downtime.

Facial aftercare products

We would not recommend for aftercare products to be applied immediately, but wait for about one day after your facial treatments.

Expressions Skin Rejuvenation Repair Gel

A healing- gel moisturizer, this product contains high-purity Centella Asiatica extract, calendula active extract, and licorice extract. In combination, these ingredients promote skin healing and soothe any inflammations or redness.

Expressions Aloe Vera Gel

The mighty Aloe Vera has intensive soothing, moisturizing and healing properties. With its light texture, it’s perfect for both day and night use.

If the Milia on your face has been a concern of yours, our experts at Expressions are here for you.

Try out our Milia Seed removal treatment or Hydration Peel Facial today!

Munah’s Body Toning & Cellulite Journey

Munah Bagharib embarked on her Expressions journey in July 2019. As many of you may know, she is a popular Singaporean host and actress.

Her main body concerns were toning and firming of her body. Specifically, she also wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite around her thighs and bum.

With that, Munah did a variety of slimming and aesthetic (body firming) treatments to address her concerns.

I’ve always only heard good things about Expressions and have been following them for years now. I was always interested in their slimming treatments mainly because they are all non-invasive.”

– Munah Bagharib

Body System

Body System greatly helped Munah with firming and toning of her entire body. This brilliant treatment complemented Munah’s workout regime really well as she wanted to build muscles. Using Infrared Rays, the waves transmitted heat beneath the skin to stimulate an increase in metabolism and stubborn fat removal. Furthermore, the waves also induced isotonic movements with a pumping effect to enhance blood circulation.

Amazingly, Munah was able to see and feel results after just one session. The enhanced blood circulation brought about increased cellular renewal, making the skin firmer and brighter.  

With each session, Munah was able to both see and feel increased firming of her skin.

Bodyka Fat Melting

Bodyka Fat Melting treatment targeting thigh areas

To achieve a defined, toned silhouette while addressing stubborn fats, Munah also did this award-winning treatment. Using ultrasound technology, Bodyka effectively broke down fatty cells with ultrasound gel applied to target areas. These fatty cells would then be liquified to get flushed out of the body naturally.

With the removal of diet-resistant fats, this naturally led to a much firmer, contoured silhouette for Munah.    

*Results can be seen after first session (up to 5cm fat reduction). However, this varies with individuals

Vanquish ME

Munah also did the Vanquish ME treatment to help with fat reduction and body contouring. The treatment consisted of a contactless device using RF™ technology to deliver thermal energy to break down persistent fats. What’s left behind was a more contoured, slimmer figure that Munah was looking for.

“I find that these treatments were really effective and gentle. Most importantly, I actually do see results.”

– Munah

Shockwave Anti-Cellulite

This specialised anti-cellulite treatment was the perfect solution for Munah. Using sound wave technology, the vibrations produced enhanced blood flow to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In the process, tightening of sagging skin and reduced fluid retention also took place.

All in all, Munah was able to notice a vast improvement in uneven skin texture and cellulite reduction in areas like her thighs and bum.

*Typically, customers would be able to see results as early as 3 weeks after the session. However, this varies according to each individual’s body metabolism

Experiencing the same body concerns and cellulite issues as Munah? Hesitate no further and book your first consultation with us today!

All About Cellulite and How Do You Get Rid of It?

cellulite and how to get rid of it expressions blog singapore

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is characterized by uneven, dimpled-like appearance of the skin. Cellulite is also known as ‘orange peel’ as it mimics the lumpy texture of orange peel. Common areas where cellulite is found include the thighs, buttocks and hips.

There is a misconception that losing weight is the best way to get rid of cellulite. However, this is only partially true to a certain extent. When you exercise to lose weight, your body fat percentage will drop, and your body will look more toned. No doubt this will reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it will not be completely gone.

2. How is cellulite formed?

Cellulite is formed when the skin overlying certain areas of fat is pulled in a downward manner. The fibers underneath the skin pull down while the fat cells push upwards, creating an uneven surface and dimples (cellulite).

3. Expressions’ specialized treatments to target cellulite

Since cellulite is an issue that many women face, Expressions offers a range of specialized treatments to target and reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite. One key similarity between these treatments include the restoring of collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin’s texture and elasticity.

A. X-Wave Anti Cellulite
X-Wave Anti Cellulite Treatment in Expressions

This revolutionary US FDA-approved treatment targets specific areas to drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite. Your skin will be successfully restored to look much more firm, refined, and smooth.

How does it work?

The X-Wave Anti Cellulite treatment uses powerful vibrations from shockwaves to effectively target uneven skin texture. These mechanical vibrations enhance microcirculation and oxygen supply in the targeted areas, leading to an increase in blood supply and removal of excess interstitial fluid.

These vibrations are able to penetrate deep within using much stronger stimulation, to specifically target your concern areas. This results in visible results in just a few sessions.

Results vary with individuals, but typically can be seen after just two sessions. This X-wave treatment can be done in all four Expressions outlets.


B. Exilis Body Contouring
Exilis Body Contouring Treatment in Expressions

This unique award winning cellulite treatment effectively tightens the skin, allowing you to look and feel tighter. The treatment utilizes the first and only device in the market that simultaneously combines both Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF).


How does it work?

The Exilis Body Contouring treatment harnesses on the power of innovative RF technology, that is US FDA-approved. Through a Unique EFC™ (Energy Flow Control) technique, hot and cold temperatures are regulated to deliver energy painlessly to various depths in the tissues. These changes in temperatures allow deep body tissues to be treated all the way up to the superficial layer. In turn, new collagen fibers will be triggered to strengthen the skin’s texture and elasticity.

In addition, fat lipolysis stimulated by ultrasound waves will aid in the breakdown of fatty cells to leave you with a contoured, toned silhouette that you have always desired.

This treatment specially targets common areas such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, bra rolls, hands and lower back.

Following a proven safe, comfortable and non-invasive procedure, customers have even commented that the session feels like a relaxing hot stone massage!

Results vary with individuals, but can typically be seen after just one session. This treatment can be found in our Funan Mall and Orchard outlets.


C. 4PLUS Dynamic Quadripolar Radio Frequency (DQRF)

This Made in Italy treatment is a holistic approach to target body concerns ranging from sagging skin to cellulite and stretch marks. With the advanced dynamics of the DQRF technology, the treatment is able to penetrate into much deeper areas of the skin, all in a safe manner.



How does it work?

As the name suggests, this treatment consists of four emitters that safely control the entire process by obtaining waves that can penetrate even the deepest body tissues without overheating. The Radio Frequency emitted is safe and they help to focus energy on a specific layer of the tissue that requires treatment without interfering with other parts of the skin.

The process of skin tightening is made possible with 4PLUS as the technology targets the dermis layer of the skin, stimulating the fibroblast to produce more collagen and elastin to give the skin an uplifting effect. Additionally, the waves selectively vaporize the epidermis for skin cell turnover, inducing skin resurfacing. What’s left is much firmer-looking and more refined skin.

Aside from the body, this 4PLUS DQRF treatment is able to target the face as well. Results vary with individuals, but can typically be observed after two sessions. This treatment can be found in our Jewel Changi Airport outlet.  

4. Success Stories – Jeslyne Soh

In 2018, Jeslyne started her journey with Expressions. After gaining 17kg after her second childbirth, Jeslyne was worried about two things: her postnatal weight gain and stretch marks.

Hence, these were the two key areas of concern that our consultants at Expressions took into consideration when deciding on the most appropriate treatments. Jeslyne also shared that her problem areas were mainly her abdomen and thighs.


With that in mind, the treatments that were recommended to Jeslyne were namely Exilis Body Contouring and X-wave Anti Cellulite.


For more info on Jeslyne’s experience, please refer here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFllVWgFWk6/?igshid=m7yl1oku31d2

“Thank you Expressions for the effective stretch mark treatments. I’m really happy and satisfied with the results!”

– Jeslyne Soh

Troubled about your cellulite? Try out a trial session of any of our specialized treatments today! Leave with much firmer, refined and smooth looking skin.

Crow’s Feet – 5 Tips to Prevent and Get Rid of it

Your eyes are the first thing that people notice about you – and it also happens to be the first to show signs of ageing. As the skin around your eyes is extremely thin, it is more prone to developing the unwanted crow’s feet and fine lines. If you’re one of the lucky ones who haven’t faced these issues – good for you! However, prevention is better than cure and it’s important that you start taking preventive measures now. 

In this article, we will be outlining 5 useful tips on how you can prevent and get rid of crow’s feet.

1. SPF is your best friend

We can’t stress the importance of sunscreen enough. The harmful UV rays cause damage to our skin in so many ways – including premature wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity. 

Therefore, slap on your sunscreen to keep crow’s feet at bay! Make it a habit to apply sunscreen everyday. Apply it all over your face, not forgetting your eye area too. Most of us, including myself, tend to neglect the eye area when it comes to UV protection. Keep that in mind and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

2.   Invest in silk pillowcases

In general, cotton pillowcases tend to be more rough and can cause unwanted friction when you’re sleeping. The more you pull and stretch your skin, the faster it will lose its elasticity and form fine lines. 

Investing in silk pillowcases will minimise the friction against your face with its smooth surface. What’s more, silk cases are also great for preventing friction to your hair!

3. Be gentle around your eye area

You may do it unknowingly more than you realize, in terms of rubbing your skin. Each time you do it, it stretches your skin more, slowly sculpting wrinkles in place. Over time, repeated motions under the eye area will lead to crow’s feet. 

Be as gentle as possible when you are applying your skincare products like eye creams. Use a patting motion until your product is fully absorbed. Do not rub as this will tug and cause unnecessary pulling. 

Tip: Use your ring finger to apply your eye products. Being gentle is key, making the ring finger the most ideal since it exerts the least pressure!

4. Try an eye lifting treatment

L’or Ageless Eye Treatment by Expressions

For visible results quickly, do try out an eye treatment with the help of professionals. With our award winning L’or Ageless Eye Treatment, Expressions should be in your radar to treat your eye concerns. With the use of advanced Radio Frequency technology, collagen and elastin growth will be stimulated alongside the use of luxurious, anti-ageing ingredients. 

A boost in your under eye area entirely lifts your overall appearance. What’s left is a firmer, youthful-looking complexion.

5. Opt for face tightening

Exilis Face Tightening by Expressions targets fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet
Exilis Face Tightening by Expressions targets fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet

Last but not least, our final tip would be to opt for face tightening. The Exilis Face Tightening is ideal for ladies who wish to diminish the look of fine lines while tightening the skin at the same time. With the use of innovative advanced Radio Frequency technology, the treatment will invoke collagen production to strengthen the skin’s texture and elasticity. On top of that, the entire duration of the treatment will be a pain-free, relaxing experience. Our customers even said that the entire session is similar to a hot stone massage! 

With that said, don’t hesitate to try out our Exilis Face Tightening and book a session with us today! 

Beauty is worth it

The forming of these good beauty habits will definitely pay off in the long run. Start by taking small steps first then gradually incorporate more steps into your beauty routine. For beauty, it will all be worth it! 

Do these 3 things to stop Maskne

Yes, Maskne is a thing. Maskne, aka ‘acne mechanica’, are pimples or acne caused by constant rubbing of the mask on the face. The term Maskne is not new; football players do get them from wearing helmets and chine guards for long periods.

But heck! We don’t wear those heavy armors! So how can one get Maskne just by wearing a mask?

Friction, a stimulus for Maskne

The catalyst for causing Maskne is friction. You know how uncomfortable it is to wear a mask, and when you keep adjusting your mask, you increase the friction against your skin. The skin on your face is delicate (That’s why there is skincare!), having something constantly rubbing your facial skin will definitely cause inflammation and irritation, which leads to clogged pores, and clogged pores will lead to deep acne cysts.

But it doesn’t just stop right there! Not only does friction causes clogged pores, but they also break down the natural oil barrier that hydrates and protects your skin against bacteria. This makes your breakouts even worse, and it is a major cause for concern especially for those with dry or sensitive skin. That is the reality of what friction can cause to your facial skin!

Bacteria, the main ingredient for Maskne

But wait! People do wear a scarf that covers their faces, how come they don’t get Maskne? Fiction alone is not enough to make you have a zit. The ingredient to everyone’s dreaded Maskne is bacteria. It is hot wearing a mask (Not to mention, bad breath), but the humid environment is what bacteria love the most. Coupled with your natural oil and sweat, this creates a perfect atmosphere for bacteria buildup. There you have it, Maskne! It really doesn’t take long for it to form especially if you have oily skin.

Skincare – More but not merrier

Believe it or not, using more skincare before wearing a mask doesn’t make Maskne go away!  Sunscreen, moisturizer, makeup, or whatever lotion you put on before wearing your mask is just an add-on ingredient for Maskne to develop. The oil content from your beloved skincare products is just going to make breakouts worse. Less, in this case, is better.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you eliminate skincare entirely before putting your mask! Read on to

Find out the 3 things you should be doing to save yourself from Maskne!

Do these 3 things to prevent Maskne

1. Moisturize, but not excessively!

We did mention that friction causes Maskne as it breaks down the natural oil barrier on your face. Putting on moisturizer can help to lessen the friction as it acts as a barrier between your skin and the mask. But don’t over-moisturize! Reapplying your moisturizer throughout the day will result in too much oil content on your face, fuelling bacterial build-up. Apply once is sufficient. Get a good moisturizer that can help you when you’re wearing mask! Avoid those with too much oil content.


We recommend Skin Rejuvenating Repair Gel by Expressions, a perfect oil-free moisturizer that is suitable for all skin type. The gel-like texture of the moisturizer is calming and melts directly into your skin. For those suffering from oily skin, the Skin Rejuvenating Repair Gel is non greasy and has just the right moisturising benefits to be a great lubricant without adding more oiliness to your face as you wear your mask all day.  What’s more, this moisturiser is suitable for sensitive and problematic acne-prone skin types as it possesses healing properties, a much added needed benefit to prevent Maskne!

We know that too much moisturizer isn’t a good idea when you’re wearing a mask. But for those with severe acne, you’ll probably need something more to help your skin from that dreadful mask. So we’ve found a simple solution that is just a spray away! Check out the Tea Tree Antiseptic Face Spray by Expressions. Just as its name suggests, this spray acts like an ‘antiseptic’ to reduce dirt build-up and even clear pores. A fast and easy solution for those with severe acne, you just need to spray once to get the healing effect before you add on your moisturizer and suit up your mask.

2. Wash your mask, DAILY!

Your mask is your new ‘underwear’, you wear it every day, hence you need to wash them EVERY TIME after using it (Don’t even think about flipping it). It helps to eliminate any potential virus and bacteria that cause acne. Furthermore, you know for sure that you’ll be completely free from all those dirt, oil and sweat build up from wearing a mask. So make it a habit to stay extra hygienic and wash your mask after every use. Cleanliness does come a long way to prevent Maskne. 

Having said so much, you can always opt for a disposable mask, just make sure to get a fresh one after every use.

3. Cleanse your face regularly! It is your first line of defense against Maskne

We’ve repeated over and over again how important skincare is, but this is even more so to prevent Maskne. With face mask now a necessity, it is important to ensure that your face is in the highest cleanliness it can ever be. So your basic skincare is pretty much like a routine shower – you need to do it CONSISTENTLY. No skipping even if you’re lazy for one day. That one day might get you Maskne! 

Daily skincare might be great to prevent Maskne, but for greater preventive measures, try going for a monthly facial treatment as well (Pamper your skin too!). This is also an add-on effort to your routine skincare. Not only does a facial treatment cleanse and maintains your facial condition, but it also low-key assures you that you’re doing something more to prevent Maskne.

We recommend Expressions’ Double Deep Cleanse Facial Treatment that integrates 5-in-1 aesthetic facial including infrared light and ozone mist. Sounds sophisticated, isn’t it? The benefits are endless as the treatment also promotes collagen synthesis to rejuvenate skin. All these are a holistic approach that ensures that Maskne doesn’t have any chances on your skin.

For guys, a facial treatment might sound ridiculous to you, but having a facial treatment is even more essential since male has a higher tendency to develop oily skin. Hence, it is no doubt Expressions also does specially curate facial treatment for men. Nonetheless, regardless of whatever gender you are, a monthly facial treatment can help maintain your skin condition, and coupled with your daily skincare routine, you’re pretty much prevented Maskne.

Mask up, but don’t get Maskne!

We get it; wearing a mask is unavoidable now, but you can still use them and avoid Maskne! Do these 3 actions religiously and your chances of getting Maskne will be reduced dramatically. All the best and protect yourself from Maskne!

How does Facial Aesthetic Treatment work on your face?

Is it effective? That is what many are concerned about after spending thousands of dollars on their facial aesthetic treatment.

There are many facial aesthetic treatments out there in the market, and while some require needles and painful procedures, more advanced technologies are available to lift your face without any invasive surgery.

But how exactly do these technologies work? And more importantly, do they really work?

An Alternative to Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery

Nowadays, facial aesthetic treatment technologies do not require any penetration to the skin. But how then can it work?

The key factor is through Dynamic Quadripolar Radio Frequency (DQRF). This latest innovation can target the hypodermis, the deepest layer of our skin which cannot be penetrated by any skincare products. This is also the reason why traditional aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries are painful as they penetrate deeply to treat the skin. DQRF on the other hand uses a contactless method to facilitate facial treatment, hence ensuring a comfortable and non-invasive facial aesthetic treatment.

A Safe and Natural Treatment Process

DQRF is a safe facial aesthetic treatment method that uses Radio Frequency to penetrate the skin layers without any direct contact. They stimulate our skin to undergo their own natural skin resurfacing process, allowing our face to be ‘renewed’. Hence, problems that go skin deep, such as hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, or sagged skin can be effectively treated using DQRF. The Radio Frequency emitted is safe and they help to focus energy on a specific layer of the tissue that requires treatment without interfering with other parts of the skin.

Expressions’ 4PLUS RF – the Latest Facial Aesthetic Treatment Technology in the Market

4PLUS RF Non-invasive technology for Face and Body Beauty

One of the latest technologies used in Expressions, 4PLUS incorporates DQRF for its facial aesthetic treatment. 100% made in Italy, 4PLUS is a 4-in-1 technology that focuses on holistic wellness, providing effective and safe treatments to enhance both facial and body beauty.

As evident from its name, the four emitters/receivers allow treatments to be effective and safely controlled by obtaining waves that can penetrate even the deepest tissue without overheating the skin tissues. Using DQRF, the technology helps with physiological cell regeneration. Additionally, 4PLUS possess a safety system to ensure total safety during the procedure.

4PLUS RF Treatment process for the Face by Expressions


  • Face Lifting
  • Face Contouring
  • Resurfacing
  • Targeted Anti-scarring action


Due to its ability to stimulate skin resurfacing process, the 4PLUS is effective in treating aging-related skin issues such as wrinkles. Results vary with skin conditions, but typically require about 6 sessions for results to be significant.

Natural skin tightening process is possible with 4PLUS as the technology targets the dermis layer of the skin, stimulating the fibroblast to produce more collagen and elastin to give the skin a lifting effect with tighter and firmer tissues. Results vary with skin conditions, but typically require 2 sessions to see results.

What others say

“I finally have a bright and stretched face; I got an immediate result after just one session of DQRF treatment. I tried different radio-frequencies but the Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency, which has the peculiarity to not disperse the energy during the treatment, made the difference. My doctor suggested a cycle of 6 treatments for my face. Visible results, great effects!”

Rosy, 55 years old

Experience the wonders of DQRF and book a session of 4PLUS RF with us today! The 4PLUS RF Treatment is available in our Jewel Changi Airport outlet.