Acne Removal

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Acne Removal Treatment

Stay clear, with acne free skin

Acne removal treatment is a remedy for those who suffer from acne, blackheads/whiteheads, acne scarring and open pores. This face acne treatment targets pesky acne bacteria while soothing your skin, ensuring clear skin in no time.

Removal of blackheads/whiteheads and acne

Reduces acne scarring and pimple outbreaks

Improves dull and blemished skin

Evens skin tone and tightens pores


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Get clear skin effortlessly

Safe & painless

A clear skin dream come true

This personalized treatment  involves thorough cleansing, smoothing, high frequency blue light and a customized facial mask. Using Blue Light which kills acne bacteria present on the skin while preventing future pimple outbreaks.  

The acne removal treatment can include back acne, face or other parts of the body. It improves dull and blemished skin, while creating smoother skin and tighter pores and is suitable for all skin types.

How Acne Removal treatment works

The secret to spotless skin

Using only plant-based ingredients to fight acne

Tea Tree

Aloe Vera



Products used in this acne removal treatment are free from harsh chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin

Our acne removal treatment purifies the skin while protecting its vital moisture barrier

With the incorporation of Tea Tree oil, its antibacterial properties help to kill acne bacteria and visibly minimize pores. Water-based hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera, deliver lasting hydration while regulating the skin’s sebum levels.
Together, these high-performing plant extracts work in tandem to achieve a calmer, clearer visage.

What causes acne ?

Acne is a skin inflammation that to some degree afflicts more than 50 million people annually 

A sebaceous gland, located in each hair follicle or tiny pit of the skin, produces oil that lubricates the skin. If some of the oil becomes trapped, bacteria multiply in the pit and the skin becomes inflamed.

Acne usually tends to run in family. If a parent had adult acne, you are at higher risk of having it too. People can get acne well into their 40s and beyond.


Your skin may be slightly red after initial steps, depending on the amount of extractions. Slight irritation may be experienced during treatment as well. However, it should not continue after completing the treatment. Under our therapeutic care, your skin will be calm and soothed after masking and the Cromo-ray treatment. The redness will be dramatically reduced.

Additionally, post treatment can be done using Expressions’ recommended acne skincare products. 

For greater benefits, you may choose to add on the HPPL (High Power Pulse Light) Acne and Skin Rejuvenation treatment. The HPPL treatment uses innovative light transmission through the skin to destroy pimples and bacteria effectively. Acne scars can also be removed through the rejuvenation process.

We usually recommend a series of 4-6 treatments for optimal results.

With regular maintenance sessions and proper skincare routine, results will be long-term. This facial treatment helps to prevent future unwanted pimple outbreaks as well.

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Not sure if Acne Removal Treatment is right for you?

We take into consideration your body type, skin complexion, zone assessment, hydration level, BMI, diet and lifestyle to help you achieve outstanding results.

Ideal to Real: How to change your Body Type?

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Not all body fats are alike. Some serve essential purposes in maintaining normal body functions, while others are highly associated with health problems. Other than functions, fats are also distributed differently amongst individuals, resulting in different body shapes. Eating a balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise may improve body composition but they do not change such body fat distribution. Understanding what your body type is, you can find the right way to target the areas where body fat is usually stored for personalized fat loss approaches. When it comes to fat loss, there is no one-size-fits-all approach!

Body Type: Apple Body Shape (Android Obesity)

People with an apple-shaped body have a high level of visceral fats with fats distributed mainly at their upper body such as chest, abdomen and arm. This body type is usually common in man and is derived from an inactive lifestyle and overconsumption of sugary and oily food, which is the reason why this body type is at the highest risk for health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, not all belly bulges are due to excess fats and weight gain. Beer belly and menopause belly are some examples and are abdominal distention due to poor digestive system and hormonal imbalances.

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction Slimming treatment expressions Singapore

Targeted Fat Loss for Apple Body Shape

Reducing sugar and calories intake and increasing physical activities may help to improve the appearance of apple body type. To boost weight loss efforts, Expressions US-FDA-approved Vanquish Me Fat Reduction Treatment would be the best pick for effective circumferential and abdominal reduction for apple body shape. Harnessing patented Radio-frequency Technology, fat cells will be destroyed with liquid fat be eliminated as waste naturally. During the treatment, there will be zero contact between the body and the device, so rest assured that one can lie down comfortably and relax while targeting the fats! The treatment covers from flank to flank at the abdomen, leaving no unevenness or unwanted lines behind. 

On the other hand, those who have a beer belly may not observe an immediate response to healthy lifestyle changes due to more stubborn belly bulges. To deliver better fat reduction results, opt for Shockwave treatment prior to any other slimming treatments. Sound waves and its mechanical vibrations penetrate deep into the stubborn fat tissue to more effectively target the fat deposits found in beer belly.

Body Type: Pear Body Shape (Gynoid Obesity)

Storing fats around the hips, buttocks and thighs with appearances of cellulite and stretchmarks are the characteristics of the pear body shape and this is especially common in women. Even though this body type is less associated with health risks as compared to the Apple Body Shape, people with pear-shaped bodies may want to improve their appearance for aesthetic purposes. They may find it more difficult to lose weight than those with an apple shape because the hormones mainly drive this body shape. 

Fire & Ice Double Action Weight Loss for Pear Body Shape

Stubborn fats around hip and thighs for pear body shape can be targeted with Expressions advanced Fire and Ice 2-in-1 treatment combination. This is a combination of Award Winning BodyKa Fat Melting (Fire) treatment with low frequency waves and Crystal Freeze (Ice) treatment with 360° fat freezing. BodyKa breaks down fat cells while Crystal Freeze crystallizes fat cells up to -9°C, both destroying fats at an incredible rate. With no downtime and side effects, one can resume daily activities right after. How awesome!

Embark your Fat Loss journey with Expressions

Balanced diet and active lifestyle are essential, but they can be complemented with advanced technology for a more effective way to lose body fat. At Expressions, slimming professionals can help both genders understand what their body types are with free consultation, body analysis and subsequently provide personalized non-surgical, non-invasive slimming plans to achieve long-lasting fat loss. The ideal body shape is achievable! Say goodbye to the pockets of stubborn fat with tailored treatments at Expressions today.

Which Hair Removal method is the best for you?

Unwanted hair growing on parts of the face and body can be one of the most annoying things to deal with, particularly for people who prefer or need a hair-free skin. There are multiple hair removal methods that range from easy to high-technology on the market, thus, it can be tricky to find out which method is more suitable for you.

The Good Old Shaving

Shaving is hands down the most affordable and easily accessible hair removal method to get rid of unwanted body hair. It is done via a razor or any other shaving tool to slice off exposed hair at the skin surface for the “hair-free” look. As hair is just sliced off, the hair usually grows back quickly, and thus frequent shaving is needed every few days. The shaving action itself on the skin may also cause razor burn and thus skin discomfort. In addition, the cut hair may curl back under the skin and starts growing beneath the skin surface as ingrown hair which may cause skin irritation and bumps.

Waxing and Epilation, The Alternative

Both waxing and epilation remove unwanted hair by pulling the hair out from the roots (Ouch…). No doubt they can provide a much lasting result than shaving but at the expense of a painful experience. Epilation and waxing can cause ingrown hair too, just like shaving, because the hair may break off just below the skin and start growing beneath the skin. Skin damage from epilation often than not also causes the treated area to turn darkened which becomes unsightly.

Advanced Hair Removal with Intense Pulsed Light Technology

More people these days have opted for a fuss free hair removal at beauty salons such as IPL treatments as it saves them the hassle of doing it themselves. All they need to do is just lie down for a quick 10 to 20 minutes (depending on treatment area) and zap, they are done. Approximately 8 sessions of IPL are needed to observe a desirable hair reduction.

How IPL works is through single pulses of a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths that specifically targets melanin in the hair. When the melanin absorbs the light energy, it gets heated up and causes damage to the hair follicle, delaying and preventing hair regrowth. Just because it uses a broad spectrum of light which is dispersed at different depths, only some will be successfully absorbed by hair follicles, limiting the effectiveness in hair reduction. This broad spectrum of light also makes IPL only suitable for those with lighter skin tone and dark hair as there may be higher risk of excessive heating and burns for dark skin tones. 

The New in LUMINN Hair Removal

Exclusive to Expressions, LUMMIN Permanent Hair Removal treatment is a better alternative than IPL treatment. LUMINN works the same as IPL but instead uses a super emitting Light Intelligent Technology (LIT) which delivers rapid pulses containing a single wavelength of focused light with contact cooling. The focused light makes LUMINN 3 times more effective in targeting melanin for hair reduction, thus approximately only 5 sessions are required to observe a desirable hair reduction as compared to IPL.

Due to the focused light which targets only the melanin, without harming the surrounding tissue and skin, LUMINN is suitable for all skin and hair types – light or dark skin, coarse or fine hair! What’s more, LIT’s low energy and contact cooling protects the skin surface to ensure a gentler, safer, and more comfortable experience for all skin types. 

Are you ready to be Smooth?

The prickling chore and painful experience of unwanted body hair maintenance is no longer necessary. Let your troubles with unwanted hair be a problem of the past with Expressions LUMINN Permanent Hair Removal treatment! No more cuts and burns. No more ingrown hair. No more painful hair removal. Quicker and more effective results. Once you experience the silky-smooth sensation you’ll never look back!

How Does a Fat Burner Boost Your Weight Loss Journey?

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People may experience weight gain as they get older, and it is harder to get rid of the stubborn fat. This can be due to a more sedentary lifestyle, which results in the decrease in the body’s metabolic rate with age and the shrink of the body’s muscle mass.

Hence, many people may find that it is harder to see any noticeable changes in their body, even if they exercise regularly or eat light.

Is dieting able to help us lose weight as we get older?

At the first glance, dieting seems to be the correct answer if we want to shed some kilos. A calorie deficit occurs when we consume fewer calories than our body needs. A weight loss can happen in the beginning, but this is usually not sustainable. Eating less can actually lead to a slower metabolism. Also, dieting does not help to get rid of the stubborn fat. Once we resume our old eating habits, we may regain the weight we had initially lost, or gain back even more.

Does exercise increase metabolic rate?

Yes, exercise is a good way to increase the metabolism rate. Staying active is always good for health, however exercise alone does not help to reduce body fat. We may think that if we focus on working out a particular muscle group, the layers of fat over that area will be burnt off. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot reduction or spot toning in specific body areas such as abdomen, hip, and thighs via exercise.

Fat burner supplement to boost the weight loss journey

Healthy diet and regular exercise may take a long time to see the results. However, complementing the diet with a right nutrient supplement can give your weight loss journey a boost and one of the supplement choices are fat burners.

No doubt there are dozens of fat burners on the market. Unlike most other fat burners found on the market, our Super Fat Burner is GMP-certified and manufactured in an US- FDA registered facility. The good quality control ensures it is safe and the best quality out there. The ingredients in the supplement are all-natural and ideal for both women and men to lose weight at all ages.

Diet supplement that made with effective fat-burning ingredients

1. Kelp

Kelp is found to have many therapeutic and nutritional benefits. Studies showed that kelp is effective in reducing fat tissues and blood glucose level after meals. It contains natural fiber, known as alginate which can inhibit fat absorption in the gut by 75%. As a result, the formulation of Expressions Super Fat Burner is effective in weight maintenance naturally.

2. Spirulina Algae

Spirulina Algae is commonly referred to as a blue-green algae and well known for its high protein and micro-nutrient content. It is effective in weight loss by preventing the accumulation of hepatic fat accumulation, reduction in oxidative stress, improvement in insulin sensitivity and satiety. Other than that, Spirulina aids in faecal excretion of cholesterol and bile due to its low micellar solubility.

3. Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is an insoluble fiber that promotes satiety, in turns to help with overeating. Besides, the water-soluble gel-forming fiber contributes positive health outcomes such as lower cholesterol level and improving insulin response in patients with metabolic syndrome. A high consumption of psyllium husk is believed to improve blood lipid profiles, especially lowering the LDL cholesterol level.

4. Juniper Berry

The detoxifying effects of Juniper Berry help promoting digestive health. It helps with bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and poor appetite. Studies have found that reducing the level of stress and anxiety, to curb the appetite. It helps to control the intuitive snacking habit, thereby to promote weight loss.

How to get the best out of Expressions Super Fat Burner?

Weight loss will not happen overnight. Fat burner is not a quick fix to shave off kilos of fat from our body. The key point to succeed in long-term maintenance of weight loss is to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Keep in mind that a combination of nutritionally balanced diet and regular exercise remains as important as ever. Expressions Super Fat Burner is well designed as a health supplement that enhances the weight loss result. It helps to increase our metabolism rate, therefore our body can break down excess fats efficiently. By taking the Super Fat Burner, our appetite hunger can be suppressed naturally. Meanwhile, it is also known as a good aid in reducing water retention which helps to improve blood circulation.

The most recommended way is to take 2 capsules of the fat burner before breakfast and again before dinner to make them more effective. Always keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, especially after the workout to replenish the loss of water through sweat.

With an all-natural best fat burner, we would recommend you to go for Expressions Super Fat Burner. With this supplement, working out and eating clean will definitely boost your weight loss journey at all ages.