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Over 30 Years of Success Stories

We offer safe, effective weight loss solutions using leading technology to empower women with confidence.

Look and feel your best with us.

“Signing up for Expressions was a leap of faith, and it turned out to be one of my best decisions”

Amber got rid of her stubborn fats

After the circuit breaker, Amber was desperate to lose the excess weight she gained while working from home. Find out how she did it with Expressions.

Jeslyne lost 4.1kg in 2 weeks

Determined to regain her former figure, Jeslyne decided to join Expressions’ slimming programme for professional help and advice.

Zevee went from XXL to L

Zevee has been struggling with stubborn fats and overweight issues for years and has been experiencing low self-esteem and shortness of breath due to her body conditions.

Real weight loss stories

Get inspired by real women of all walks of life – Expressions slimming program has worked wonders for them, and it can work for you too!

Munah Bagharib

Coupled with her own workout regime, Munah was able to get rid of unwanted fat whilst maintaining her slim figure and regular eating habits

XinLin Khaw

Met with no progress in her fight against stubborn fat removal, XinLin underwent Expressions' BodyKa treatment to stay in shape

Elizabeth Boon

With body contouring in mind, Elizabeth signed up for Expressions to target her desired areas to achieve her dream body

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