3 treatments to effectively remove your stubborn stretch marks

If you’ve read our previous article: Easy DIY remedies for frustrating stretch marks, you know that there are home remedies to soothe your stretch marks. But stretch marks are stubborn and it is never easy removing them regardless of how religious we are in our skincare regime.

Fret not! We are privilege to be born in an era where technology can remove imperfections on our skin. Forget about invasive surgery and anaesthesia! Stretch marks removal treatments in the market are becoming more advance, safe, and most importantly – fast and effective! Here are 3 treatments to help with your stubborn stretch marks:

Prep your body for a new skin

There are no ends to a woman’s worries besides the inevitable (hello cellulite, our old friend) and many of us want fast results. The 4PLUS Dynamic Q RF targets all the bodily imperfections you agonize over in a snap. Using advanced dynamics of radio frequency technology induces natural skin resurfacing to treat areas scarred by body wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks. It also stimulates fatty acids which reduce body fats in stubborn areas that even diligent exercise struggle with, except this treatment sees you chilling in a warm and cozy state of mind under the energy of the waves.

4 PLUS treatment Dynamic Q RF Treatment by Expressions
4PLUS Dynamic Q RF Function

Sound waves to shrinks fats?

You’ll be shocked in more ways than one at how effective Shockwave Therapy will be. This special treatment will take on fat cells using the vibrations from sound waves to shrink them and increases blood flow to the targeted areas, leaving behind a tighter-looking and firmer body minus the cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy skin. Non-invasive and no strings attached in the form of pesky side effects so you have nothing to fear.

Shockwave Anti Cellulite Therapy by Expressions

Back to basics to remove stretch marks

And now we’re bringing out our pride and joy in the form of a treatment specifically targeted at stretch marks. Tested and proven, Expressions’ Stretch Mark Removal Technology treatment effectively lightens and eliminates the appearance of stretch marks.

Seeing that the streaks differ in terms of severity, the latest acoustic sound waves that are similar to that of the Shockwave Therapy uses its mechanical vibrations to improve micro-circulation and oxygen supply. On top of that, it promotes collagen synthesis and elimination of factors that cause uneven skin tone, one of the banes of stretch marks.

Stretchmarks Removal Treatment by Expressions

Every treatment sees visible results as you watch your stretch marks disappear like magic and it’ll almost be as if they never existed.

You can never go wrong with consulting a professional for laser or radiofrequency treatments to find out what suits your skin. Remember, positive vibes and thinking only!

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