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4PLUS Dynamic Q RF

Unlock the Perfect Beauty

A clinically-proven one-stop treatment for anti ageing, 4PLUS RF targets the skin layers using non-invasive methods to achieve your desired face lift and youthful look. 4PLUS focuses on holistic beauty, targeting solutions for:

Face Lifting & Contouring

Skin Tightening

Acne & Scarring


Face & Lip Wrinkles

4PLUS is the holistic beauty for the face and body. Find out about our 4PLUS Body Aesthetic Treatment.

$ 128*

Introductory Price


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Reversing the Aging process

We go skin deep to treat aging skin without relying on fillers or invasive surgery to cover up wrinkles.

Facial problems such as wrinkles and sagging skin are overcome when the skin is constantly regenerated to replace old cells with new and healthier tissue layers. 

Using advanced dynamics of the radio frequency technology, the treatment stimulates the skin to undergo its own natural skin resurfacing process, allowing the face to be ‘renewed’.

Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Treatment


4PLUS brings about instant tightening of the dermal layer, especially targeting skin laxity.

Waves that can penetrate even the deepest tissues ensures full regeneration of the skin layer for a tighter skin surface.


The energy of the waves are able to stimulate the disruption of collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in the synthesis of new collagen and elastin for a tighter and firmer tissue. Additionally, the waves selectively vaporizes the epidermis for cellular turnover, inducing skin resurfacing.

As the energy from the treatment only targets the specific desired tissue layer, the non-intended tissues will not be affected.

The treatment is non-invasive so be rest assured that the treatment is a total comfort with no pain. With just a warm sensation from the energy of the waves, feel free to rest and relax throughout the treatment.

There are no side effects other than the warm sensation during the treatment. Daily activities can be resumed straight after the treatment.

Results can be immediate but are subjected to individual’s body conditions.
Depending on the type and severity of the concerns, the number of sessions and frequency required of the treatment may vary. Typically, 2 to 8 sessions with one session per week is recommended for optimal results.

As the treated fat cells will be eliminated from the body, results will be long-term.

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