Which Hair Removal method is the best for you?

Unwanted hair growing on parts of the face and body can be one of the most annoying things to deal with, particularly for people who prefer or need a hair-free skin. There are multiple hair removal methods that range from easy to high-technology on the market, thus, it can be tricky to find out which method is more suitable for you.

The Good Old Shaving

Shaving is hands down the most affordable and easily accessible hair removal method to get rid of unwanted body hair. It is done via a razor or any other shaving tool to slice off exposed hair at the skin surface for the “hair-free” look. As hair is just sliced off, the hair usually grows back quickly, and thus frequent shaving is needed every few days. The shaving action itself on the skin may also cause razor burn and thus skin discomfort. In addition, the cut hair may curl back under the skin and starts growing beneath the skin surface as ingrown hair which may cause skin irritation and bumps.

Waxing and Epilation, The Alternative

Both waxing and epilation remove unwanted hair by pulling the hair out from the roots (Ouch…). No doubt they can provide a much lasting result than shaving but at the expense of a painful experience. Epilation and waxing can cause ingrown hair too, just like shaving, because the hair may break off just below the skin and start growing beneath the skin. Skin damage from epilation often than not also causes the treated area to turn darkened which becomes unsightly.

Advanced Hair Removal with Intense Pulsed Light Technology

More people these days have opted for a fuss free hair removal at beauty salons such as IPL treatments as it saves them the hassle of doing it themselves. All they need to do is just lie down for a quick 10 to 20 minutes (depending on treatment area) and zap, they are done. Approximately 8 sessions of IPL are needed to observe a desirable hair reduction.

How IPL works is through single pulses of a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths that specifically targets melanin in the hair. When the melanin absorbs the light energy, it gets heated up and causes damage to the hair follicle, delaying and preventing hair regrowth. Just because it uses a broad spectrum of light which is dispersed at different depths, only some will be successfully absorbed by hair follicles, limiting the effectiveness in hair reduction. This broad spectrum of light also makes IPL only suitable for those with lighter skin tone and dark hair as there may be higher risk of excessive heating and burns for dark skin tones. 

The New in LUMINN Hair Removal

Exclusive to Expressions, LUMMIN Permanent Hair Removal treatment is a better alternative than IPL treatment. LUMINN works the same as IPL but instead uses a super emitting Light Intelligent Technology (LIT) which delivers rapid pulses containing a single wavelength of focused light with contact cooling. The focused light makes LUMINN 3 times more effective in targeting melanin for hair reduction, thus approximately only 5 sessions are required to observe a desirable hair reduction as compared to IPL.

Due to the focused light which targets only the melanin, without harming the surrounding tissue and skin, LUMINN is suitable for all skin and hair types – light or dark skin, coarse or fine hair! What’s more, LIT’s low energy and contact cooling protects the skin surface to ensure a gentler, safer, and more comfortable experience for all skin types. 

Are you ready to be Smooth?

The prickling chore and painful experience of unwanted body hair maintenance is no longer necessary. Let your troubles with unwanted hair be a problem of the past with Expressions LUMINN Permanent Hair Removal treatment! No more cuts and burns. No more ingrown hair. No more painful hair removal. Quicker and more effective results. Once you experience the silky-smooth sensation you’ll never look back!

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