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Bodyka fat melting fat reduction slimming treatment singapore expressions

BodyKa Fat Melting

Low frequency slimming technology

This award winning treatment is recommended for those who want to target fats that are particularly resistant to diet or exercise. Commonly treated areas include the arms, abdomen, love handles, hips and thighs.

Rapidly breaks down stubborn fats

Non-invasive & No downtime

Safe, Quick, Effective


Lose stubborn fats effortlessly

Best Body Contouring for Abdomen

BodyKa fat melting tones the body using low frequency waves that breaks down fat, allowing your body to effectively release liquid fat to be broken down in the liver.

This treatment is completely non-invasive and safe. There is no downtime and you may return to your normal activities right after the treatment session.

How BodyKa works

The low frequency waves can penetrate up to 5 cm deep into skin targeting fat cells without any damage to skin

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Using a selective technological system that targets fat cells only, Bodyka does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues.

Reviews From Satisfied Clients


Those who want to target fat that are stubborn and resistant to diet or exercise. These areas include the arms, abdomen, love handles, hips and thighs.

  • Ultrasound gel will be applied on the target areas.
  • Low frequency ultrasound waves will penetrate into the fat layer.
  • Liquid fat will be broken down in the liver.

Your body will drain the treated fat cells naturally. With a balanced lifestyle and diet, results will be long lasting and you will be able to flaunt your contoured figure!

The treatment duration ranges from 20-40 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

* Timing varies based on treatment area as advised by our consultants

As BodyKa uses a selective technological system that targets only fat cells, it does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues. There are no side effects and you are able to resume your daily activities right after the session!

The number of treatment sessions will depend on the size of the treatment area and your body fat percentage. Our consultants will give you a recommendation based on the body analysis done during a consultation.

Results are almost instantaneous; you may lose 1-5cm per session, depending on individual body condition.

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Not sure if BodyKa is right for you?

We take into consideration your body type, skin complexion, zone assessment, hydration level, BMI, diet and lifestyle to help you achieve outstanding results.

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