Simple Tricks For Clearer Skin

Nowadays, we have to fight with factors that threaten to dull our skin such as stress, hormones, and lifestyle in a concrete jungle like Singapore. And imagine having to go home, exhausted from your day, and still having to buckle down to start your 10-step skincare routine. Here’s how we can help you get that same energy to make that shine last longer.

Clogged pores? Worry no more!

One of the keys to having clear skin is cleansing your pores. Sure, washing your face helps but doing a deep cleanse is where it’ll hit just right. And you can tackle that right at home with the help of a little steam!

Cleanse your face first!

But before you start your steaming routine, prep your face by cleansing first! Don’t go steaming your face with all the dirt still on your face! You can cleanse your face using the Rose Facial Cleanser by Expressions, a gentle cleanser that can even remove makeup without having to strip off the natural oil on your face.

DIY Facial Steaming at Home

Now let’s start the steaming routine: On days you’re feeling like your skin is losing its shine, prep a bowl of hot water (or a few drops of peppermint or green tea to really make it count), place a towel over your head and slowly lower your face over the water. Let it steam like that for a good 10-15 minutes and you’re done! Be careful not to get the boiling water anywhere on your skin.

After steaming, this is the best time to apply your favorite moisturizer or serum. The effect will be enhanced when your pores opened up for faster absorption.

We recommend using the Rose Otto Essence Water – a 2-in-1 toner plus serum combined benefit for the perfect skin toning.

Add on with the Rose Moisturizing Cream to lock all those nutrients you’ve adsorbed and you get the ultimate nourishment you need for your face!

But of course, using moisturizing and serum is a must and should be used DAILY if you want clearer skin. Streaming helps to promote the effect of the moisturizers and toner you use. 

Want an even greater effect? Put on a mask! Expressions 24K Gold Rose Silk Cream Mask promotes skin renewal and gives you extra protection and hydration to your already vulnerable skin after the streaming.  You can use this twice weekly to pamper your face once awhile.

But why stop at just your pores and go the extra mile? Expressions’ 5-star Hydration Peel Facial not only deep cleanses your skin thoroughly but also uses an enzyme peel to further smoothen it. Following that is the use of solutions containing only the best natural compounds such as rosemary and lavender leaf extracts to be applied. From there, exfoliation and regrowth of skin cells will give way to gorgeous, well-hydrated clear skin!

Hey there, Bright Eyes!

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul. But with the stressful society we live in, those windows are now framed with eye bags and dark circles. Sure, drinking more water and applying cold compresses may make it less noticeable, but if you really want them gone for good, it’s time to add some lifestyle changes and to stick by them faithfully.

Get those goodness in your body!


Adding more collagen to your food intake will boost your levels of hyaluronic acid, tightening up your skin. Oranges and strawberries are good snacks to munch on and having broccoli and Brussels sprouts in your vegetable food group can’t hurt.

Teabags for your eyes

Another way to lighten your dark circles that is also environmentally friendly is by applying tea bags under your eyes. Green tea is a popular choice for having a good amount of anti-inflammatory properties.

After you’re done steeping the tea bags in your drink, let the bags chill in your refrigerator for 20 minutes and squeeze out any excess liquid before tucking them in under your eyes for 15-30 minutes.

But if you’re too lazy to prepare the tea bags, try out the 24K Gold Eye & Face Essence by Expressions instead. Not only do you get the benefit of brightening and anti-inflammatory properties, but it also adds more to your skincare regimen by promoting cells and tissue repair for your skin!

And finally, a lifestyle change that is important for the good of your skin. Please, ladies, remove your makeup before you sleep. We know it’s tempting to forget about it after a night out but doing so will expose your skin to radicals. Bottom line? Not good.

For quicker and longer-lasting results though, Expressions has got you covered! The Bright Eyes Dark Circles treatment is designed specifically to reduce eye bags, dark circles, and erase the fine lines and wrinkles alongside them as well. With the power of collagen in our exclusively-made intense eye serum, your eyes will be restored once again.

There you have it! The easy tricks you can have to get clearer and brighter skin at home. A simple facial once a month can also keep you covered!

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