Do these 3 things to stop Maskne

Yes, Maskne is a thing. Maskne, aka ‘acne mechanica’, are pimples or acne caused by constant rubbing of the mask on the face. The term Maskne is not new; football players do get them from wearing helmets and chine guards for long periods.

But heck! We don’t wear those heavy armors! So how can one get Maskne just by wearing a mask?

Friction, a stimulus for Maskne

The catalyst for causing Maskne is friction. You know how uncomfortable it is to wear a mask, and when you keep adjusting your mask, you increase the friction against your skin. The skin on your face is delicate (That’s why there is skincare!), having something constantly rubbing your facial skin will definitely cause inflammation and irritation, which leads to clogged pores, and clogged pores will lead to deep acne cysts.

But it doesn’t just stop right there! Not only does friction causes clogged pores, but they also break down the natural oil barrier that hydrates and protects your skin against bacteria. This makes your breakouts even worse, and it is a major cause for concern especially for those with dry or sensitive skin. That is the reality of what friction can cause to your facial skin!

Bacteria, the main ingredient for Maskne

But wait! People do wear a scarf that covers their faces, how come they don’t get Maskne? Fiction alone is not enough to make you have a zit. The ingredient to everyone’s dreaded Maskne is bacteria. It is hot wearing a mask (Not to mention, bad breath), but the humid environment is what bacteria love the most. Coupled with your natural oil and sweat, this creates a perfect atmosphere for bacteria buildup. There you have it, Maskne! It really doesn’t take long for it to form especially if you have oily skin.

Skincare – More but not merrier

Believe it or not, using more skincare before wearing a mask doesn’t make Maskne go away!  Sunscreen, moisturizer, makeup, or whatever lotion you put on before wearing your mask is just an add-on ingredient for Maskne to develop. The oil content from your beloved skincare products is just going to make breakouts worse. Less, in this case, is better.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you eliminate skincare entirely before putting your mask! Read on to

Find out the 3 things you should be doing to save yourself from Maskne!

Do these 3 things to prevent Maskne

1. Moisturize, but not excessively!

We did mention that friction causes Maskne as it breaks down the natural oil barrier on your face. Putting on moisturizer can help to lessen the friction as it acts as a barrier between your skin and the mask. But don’t over-moisturize! Reapplying your moisturizer throughout the day will result in too much oil content on your face, fuelling bacterial build-up. Apply once is sufficient. Get a good moisturizer that can help you when you’re wearing mask! Avoid those with too much oil content.


We recommend Skin Rejuvenating Repair Gel by Expressions, a perfect oil-free moisturizer that is suitable for all skin type. The gel-like texture of the moisturizer is calming and melts directly into your skin. For those suffering from oily skin, the Skin Rejuvenating Repair Gel is non greasy and has just the right moisturising benefits to be a great lubricant without adding more oiliness to your face as you wear your mask all day.  What’s more, this moisturiser is suitable for sensitive and problematic acne-prone skin types as it possesses healing properties, a much added needed benefit to prevent Maskne!

We know that too much moisturizer isn’t a good idea when you’re wearing a mask. But for those with severe acne, you’ll probably need something more to help your skin from that dreadful mask. So we’ve found a simple solution that is just a spray away! Check out the Tea Tree Antiseptic Face Spray by Expressions. Just as its name suggests, this spray acts like an ‘antiseptic’ to reduce dirt build-up and even clear pores. A fast and easy solution for those with severe acne, you just need to spray once to get the healing effect before you add on your moisturizer and suit up your mask.

2. Wash your mask, DAILY!

Your mask is your new ‘underwear’, you wear it every day, hence you need to wash them EVERY TIME after using it (Don’t even think about flipping it). It helps to eliminate any potential virus and bacteria that cause acne. Furthermore, you know for sure that you’ll be completely free from all those dirt, oil and sweat build up from wearing a mask. So make it a habit to stay extra hygienic and wash your mask after every use. Cleanliness does come a long way to prevent Maskne. 

Having said so much, you can always opt for a disposable mask, just make sure to get a fresh one after every use.

3. Cleanse your face regularly! It is your first line of defense against Maskne

We’ve repeated over and over again how important skincare is, but this is even more so to prevent Maskne. With face mask now a necessity, it is important to ensure that your face is in the highest cleanliness it can ever be. So your basic skincare is pretty much like a routine shower – you need to do it CONSISTENTLY. No skipping even if you’re lazy for one day. That one day might get you Maskne! 

Daily skincare might be great to prevent Maskne, but for greater preventive measures, try going for a monthly facial treatment as well (Pamper your skin too!). This is also an add-on effort to your routine skincare. Not only does a facial treatment cleanse and maintains your facial condition, but it also low-key assures you that you’re doing something more to prevent Maskne.

We recommend Expressions’ Double Deep Cleanse Facial Treatment that integrates 5-in-1 aesthetic facial including infrared light and ozone mist. Sounds sophisticated, isn’t it? The benefits are endless as the treatment also promotes collagen synthesis to rejuvenate skin. All these are a holistic approach that ensures that Maskne doesn’t have any chances on your skin.

For guys, a facial treatment might sound ridiculous to you, but having a facial treatment is even more essential since male has a higher tendency to develop oily skin. Hence, it is no doubt Expressions also does specially curate facial treatment for men. Nonetheless, regardless of whatever gender you are, a monthly facial treatment can help maintain your skin condition, and coupled with your daily skincare routine, you’re pretty much prevented Maskne.

Mask up, but don’t get Maskne!

We get it; wearing a mask is unavoidable now, but you can still use them and avoid Maskne! Do these 3 actions religiously and your chances of getting Maskne will be reduced dramatically. All the best and protect yourself from Maskne!

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