Milia Seeds: Causes and Expert Solutions

Ever had those tiny, pesky white bumps on your skin that just won’t pop? These bumps are Milia Seeds (aka Milia or milk spots), which form when keratin gets trapped beneath your skin’s surface. Milia can form on people of all ages, and typically appear around the eye area, nose, and cheeks.

Tiny yet displeasing, these unsightly bumps are about 2mm in width and they cause uneven skin textures. Milia can be formed due to some contributing factors:

Lack of exfoliation

This is one primary reason for the growth of Milia. A lack of exfoliation causes the buildup of dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores near the skin’s surface. Over time, small white bumps will start forming. Thus, your best bet is to prevent them before they form.

Heavy textured creams

If the Milia seems to cluster around your eye area, it is likely that the face creams that you are using are too rich for your skin type. Since our eyelids are very thin and delicate, they are more susceptible to problems arising from cosmetic products. Creams with thicker textures can clog pores and trap dead skin cells. Hence, do avoid using such products near your eye area!

Skin damage

Constant exposure to sunlight causes the skin to age. Aging skin forms a thicker epidermis (the outermost layer of our skin). Resultingly, this causes the skin to clog and become rougher, making it harder for dead skin cells to be sloughed away.

Excessive sebum production

When the skin produces excessive sebum, oil along with dead skin cells get trapped in the pores near the skin’s surface. Over time, they become hardened with keratin and form Milia.

Now, with that, you must be wondering what are the solutions then?

Specialised Milia Seed removal treatment
Expressions Milia Removal Treatment

As specific techniques are required, trying to pop the Milia on your own is not recommended. Attempting it at home might also cause unwanted infections and scarring.  Instead, seek the help and expertise of professionals.

Expressions Milia removal treatment uses advanced electrolysis treatment to remove Milia, skin tags and skin colored moles. Current passes through the needle of the probe and cauterizes the problem area. The Milia Seeds will then fall out naturally after a few days. This treatment is a great non-surgical option with minimal discomfort and no side effects.

Expressions Hydration Peel Facial

This award-winning facial is infused with AHA and BHA solutions, which help greatly in exfoliating dead skin cells. As we all know, regular exfoliation is key to a clear complexion. Likewise, exfoliating is important to prevent keratin and dead skin cells from being trapped underneath your skin. This facial’s pore cleansing properties also helps to refine your skin texture for smooth porcelain skin!

The best part? There’s zero downtime.

Facial aftercare products

We would not recommend for aftercare products to be applied immediately, but wait for about one day after your facial treatments.

Expressions Skin Rejuvenation Repair Gel

A healing- gel moisturizer, this product contains high-purity Centella Asiatica extract, calendula active extract, and licorice extract. In combination, these ingredients promote skin healing and soothe any inflammations or redness.

Expressions Aloe Vera Gel

The mighty Aloe Vera has intensive soothing, moisturizing and healing properties. With its light texture, it’s perfect for both day and night use.

If the Milia on your face has been a concern of yours, our experts at Expressions are here for you.

Try out our Milia Seed removal treatment or Hydration Peel Facial today!

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