Munah’s Body Toning & Cellulite Journey

Munah Bagharib embarked on her Expressions journey in July 2019. As many of you may know, she is a popular Singaporean host and actress.

Her main body concerns were toning and firming of her body. Specifically, she also wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite around her thighs and bum.

With that, Munah did a variety of slimming and aesthetic (body firming) treatments to address her concerns.

I’ve always only heard good things about Expressions and have been following them for years now. I was always interested in their slimming treatments mainly because they are all non-invasive.”

– Munah Bagharib

Body System

Body System greatly helped Munah with firming and toning of her entire body. This brilliant treatment complemented Munah’s workout regime really well as she wanted to build muscles. Using Infrared Rays, the waves transmitted heat beneath the skin to stimulate an increase in metabolism and stubborn fat removal. Furthermore, the waves also induced isotonic movements with a pumping effect to enhance blood circulation.

Amazingly, Munah was able to see and feel results after just one session. The enhanced blood circulation brought about increased cellular renewal, making the skin firmer and brighter.  

With each session, Munah was able to both see and feel increased firming of her skin.

Bodyka Fat Melting

Bodyka Fat Melting treatment targeting thigh areas

To achieve a defined, toned silhouette while addressing stubborn fats, Munah also did this award-winning treatment. Using ultrasound technology, Bodyka effectively broke down fatty cells with ultrasound gel applied to target areas. These fatty cells would then be liquified to get flushed out of the body naturally.

With the removal of diet-resistant fats, this naturally led to a much firmer, contoured silhouette for Munah.    

*Results can be seen after first session (up to 5cm fat reduction). However, this varies with individuals

Vanquish ME

Munah also did the Vanquish ME treatment to help with fat reduction and body contouring. The treatment consisted of a contactless device using RF™ technology to deliver thermal energy to break down persistent fats. What’s left behind was a more contoured, slimmer figure that Munah was looking for.

“I find that these treatments were really effective and gentle. Most importantly, I actually do see results.”

– Munah

Shockwave Anti-Cellulite

This specialised anti-cellulite treatment was the perfect solution for Munah. Using sound wave technology, the vibrations produced enhanced blood flow to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In the process, tightening of sagging skin and reduced fluid retention also took place.

All in all, Munah was able to notice a vast improvement in uneven skin texture and cellulite reduction in areas like her thighs and bum.

*Typically, customers would be able to see results as early as 3 weeks after the session. However, this varies according to each individual’s body metabolism

Experiencing the same body concerns and cellulite issues as Munah? Hesitate no further and book your first consultation with us today!

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