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Amber's Amazing Body Transformation

“I feel a lot more confident about my body now!”

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Amber dropped a waist size

Prior to Amber’s journey with Expressions, she did not have the confidence to flaunt the figure hugging dresses in her wardrobe.

Standing in front of the mirror daily took a toll on her self-esteem.

The first step towards change

Determined to make a change, Amber decided to join Expression’s programme for professional help and advice.

Personalised slimming plan

With close to 30 years experience, our consultants offered Amber a personalised slimming plan to target the stubborn fats around her tummy, waist and arms.

She was able to enjoy our advanced body slimming treatments with the latest fat reduction technologies.

Amber won the fight against extra pounds

Coupled with routine treatments, Amber’s dietary and lifestyle changes turned out to be truly rewarding

Vanquish ME


Exilis Body Contouring

A confidence boost

A drop in close to 2 waist sizes

To target Amber’s stubborn fats, the recommended slimming treatments were namely BodyKa, Crystal Freeze, Vanquish ME and Shockwave.

Thereafter, body toning treatments like Exilis helped to achieve an overall slimmer and much more contoured figure.

“I lost a total of around 5cm around my tummy!”

“I wish to slim down and regain confidence to wear my desired clothing”

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