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Instant brightening for dull, dry and porous skin

RevitaJet delivers carbonated water with AHA and microcurrent stimulation to target clogged pores and induce collagen regeneration, resulting in smooth and vibrant skin through a temporary inflammation effect in the top layer of the skin.

Brighter skin complexion

Removal of Blackheads

Tightening of Pores

Smoother skin texture

Reduced wrinkles and fine lines


pores before pores after

Pore tightening

discolouration before discolouration after

Smoother skin texture

pores clogged before pore clogged after

Brightening and whitening

blackheads before blackheads after

Blackhead removal

The Newest Advance in facial skincare

Deep cleansing of 20,000 Pores

RevitaJet facial treatment is suitable for those who have dull and rough skin, stubborn blackheads, excessive sebum production and visible pores and wrinkles.

Achieve hydrated skin with a brighter complexion, smoother skin texture, reduction in wrinkles and pore size.

How RevitaJet Works

Suction & Rotation

Pores are opened by the suction and rotating handpiece tip

+ Micro-Current -

Micro-current stimulation further expands the opened pores

AHA Solution

Specially formulated solution is injected deep in to the pores

Carbonated Water

Helps blood circulation and skin exfoliation

Fibroblast Growth Factor

Helps cell regeneration and reduce fine lines

Butylene Glycol

Excellent for moisturizing and softening skin


Restore skin’s defenses against moisture loss


We recommend a treatment once a week, as the skin needs 3-5 days for re-generation.
You can see brighter skin after 2-3 treatments, and after 5 treatments you can see improved tighter pores and a reduction in wrinkles.
*Please note: Results vary person to person based on skin type and age etc.
This treatment is not recommended for those with purulent acne or any wounds.
Customers can feel a slight sting when the solution penetrates pores, but is not painful like a laser treatment.
Don’t use any irritating or peeling products or hot water 2~3 days after the treatment, make sure to use sunscreen during day time and avoid any acne or cuts.

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