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Body System

Achieve the effect of exercising with no sweat

Expressions Body System specialises in reducing excess weight, fat, cellulite, slack skin and fluid retention. It utilises Infrared Rays (IR) as a cellular metabolic activator to burn fat and increase metabolism without side effects.

Effective result - up to 1.5kg per session!

Body firming & muscle toning

Increases metabolism and blood circulation

Firming and lifting of large muscles areas

1 session is equivalent to 720 leg lifts & sit-ups


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Weight loss with no down time

Infrareds are short waves transmitting heat deeply beneath the skin. It targets fat tissues, stimulating an increase in metabolism and subsequently better blood circulation. It works as muscle firming and metabolic activator.

The Slimming Process

When positioned in contact with the skin, the infrared rays penetrate deeply into the skin unidirectionally, without any dispersion. The rays penetrate deeply, and facilitate heat transmission to the tissues, producing a thermal action that stimulates the discharging of fat and increase metabolism.

At the same time, oxygenation and microcirculation are also greatly enhanced. The directional waves induce isotonic movements from the bundle of muscles with a pumping effect, intensifying the energetic consumption and the removal of the excess fluid in the area. It also assists in fluids discharge, producing a purifying effect. The induced directional waves burn off the adipose layers, resulting in the firming of the muscles without any effort from the client.

The concentration of IR Rays improve blood flow, accelerate combustion of excess fat and increase basal metabolism. Experience the primary effect of fat mass reduction and increase of basal metabolism as well as the reduction of adipose layers induced by the directional waves which firms the muscles effortlessly.


For Body System Treatment, a muscle firming and metabolic activator which uses unidirectional Infrared Rays is used to burn excess fat and increase metabolism with no side effects. This facilitates heat transmission into the tissues which produces a thermal action that stimulates the discharging of fats while increasing your metabolism.

The treatment takes about 24-30 minutes.

This depends on your current conditions and concerns. Our professional therapists will give you a personalised consultation prior to your treatment to give you a detailed breakdown of the number of session you would require to reach your goal.

From the very first session, it is possible to see an immediate reaction as well as a general improvement in body tissues. Blood circulation tremendously improves – and this translates into increased cellular renewal, making the skin firmer and brighter.

The muscle tension caused by the isometric contraction obliterate fats stored in the muscle, leading to an improvement in tissue tonus. This strengthens and stretches the muscles, increasing muscular strength by 5% in just one session.

Pair this treatment with a well-balanced diet to achieve optimal results.

Apart from a moderate heat sensation that you will feel during the treatment, there are no other side effects. You will be able to continue with your daily activities after the treatment.

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