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Anti-ageing & Skin Tightening Secret Formula

Expressions Youth-FU Face Treatments uses precise, non-invasive ultrasound for non-surgical tightening and skin lifting.

Improved overall appearance and skin texture

Reduction of cellulites, wrinkles and fine lines

Stimulation of collagen production to delay the onset of aging

Long-term tightening and lifting effect

Definitive face structure


before chin after image of chin after pro 5 treatment

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Don't let your skin reveal your age

The high amount of energy that the Youth-FU device emits breaks down facial fats and tightens the skin. This is highly beneficial for double chin reduction, lower facelifts, neck tightening and jowl reduction. This leaves the aging skin looking repaired and youthful.

Witness a younger looking you

The Youth-FU device emits energy that destroys fat cells that are eliminated and flushed out of the body in natural ways. The high temperature stimulates collagen production that delays the onset of aging, such as skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, creating a long-term tightening and lifting effect.


Youth-Fu is suitable for older people with moderately loose skin and facial fat. It is also suitable for younger people who wish to take preventive measures to delay the onset of aging. Youth-Fu is safe for people of all skin types.

Treatment areas for the face include the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, jaw, chin and neck. 

Youth-Fu is suitable for people who are looking to reduce fat bulges at specific areas of the body.

One treatment session lasts 10 to 70 minutes, depending on whether it’s a targeted spot or full face.

You can expect Y-face shaping. The lifting effects will also lift your jowl and double chins, resulting in a more defined lower face. You will also see an improved skin tone, along with tightened and toned skin.

You might experience the heat or a mild sting as the temperatures of the applicators can reach 60-70°C, but it will not be too uncomfortable. There are no side effects and you can return to your daily activities after treatment. 

Results can be seen immediately. You can also see progressive results that will take place over a course of 20-30 days after the first treatment.

Results will last for 6 months after completion of a 3-course program.

Up to 3 treatments a year, depending on the condition of your skin. The second treatment is usually scheduled 5-7 months after the first.

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