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Pro5 Acoustic Lift

The Pro5 in 1 Technology

This treatment is recommended for those who want to achieve firm, revitalized and youthful skin.

Revitalising and firming of skin

Antioxidation of skin

Boost in collagen and elastin

Reverse skin ageing process


Get firm, smooth and youthful skin effortlessly

Innovative Technology

Firming, Revitalising and Anti-Ageing

The Pro5S 5-in-1 Aesthetic Treatment is designed to apply innovative technological synergy to achieve firming, revitalising, anti-ageing effects. Using purpose-engineered formulas to work in sync with Pro5S technology, our face-lift treatments are the answer to healthier and smoother skin.

The treatment also comes with a cooling system that can be adjusted, so the heat can reach into the deeper layers of the skin without any pain.

How Pro5 Acoustic Lift works

Unveil the Pro5

The 5 Treatments includes:


The use of acoustic wave, infrared light and laser penetrates the skin deeply and along with ozone mist and specially formulated formulas, it enhances collagen reproduction and increases blood circulation necessary for skin cell regeneration.

There may be a light tingly heat sensation when the light pulses are being delivered. Otherwise just lie back and relax throughout the treatment.  

Apart from a moderate heat sensation that you will feel during the treatment, there are no other side effects. You will be able to continue with your daily activities after the treatment.

Results can usually be seen after just one treatment, but it varies according to each individual’s skin condition

We usually recommend a series of 4-6 treatments for optimal results.

Together with proper skin care routine and regular maintenance sessions, results should be permanent.

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Not sure if Pro5 Acoustic Lift is right for you?

We take into consideration your body type, skin complexion, zone assessment, hydration level, BMI, diet and lifestyle to help you achieve outstanding results.

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