Elizabeth’s Weight Loss & Body Toning Journey

Being in the media industry, Elizabeth Boon faces this constant pressure to always look good in front of the camera. She enjoys taking selfies, and is often dressed in figure-hugging apparel as her go-to style. However, she feels that she has yet to attain her dream figure – one that she feels most confident and beautiful in.

With that, 2019 marked the start of Elizabeth’s journey with Expressions. After a customized body analysis, our consultants offered Elizabeth a comprehensive slimming plan tailored to her body needs. The first phase was to focus on weight loss, followed by body toning.

Weight Loss

BodyKa Fat Melting

One of Expressions signature Fat Melting treatment, BodyKa uses Ultrasound technology to rapidly break down stubborn fats. These fatty cells would then be liquified to get flushed out of the body naturally. BodyKa was one of Elizabeth’s go-to treatments and she did it consecutively for at least 5 sessions! As one of the best-selling treatments for years, many customers have observed results in just 1 session*.

*results may vary with individuals

Did you know? Stubborn fats are known as fats that are resistant to diet and exercises. Our BodyKa treatment is able to target the fats underneath your skin, all while being a pain-free process. Rest assured that no needles or surgical procedures will be involved!

EMG Fat Reduction

Known as Endodermic Massage, the EMG Fat Reduction treatment aids in body detox through a sophisticated massaging technology to perform non-invasive mechanical massage of the skin. Massage is done with special rollers designed to massage specific parts of the body, with gentle suctioning manoeuvres on the surface to induce detoxification and stimulation of lymphatic drainage. In conjunction with BodyKa, both treatments work great together to effectively reduce excess fats and detox the body.

“I really like how the treatments are pain-free and comfortable. I also do notice at least a 1cm drop in my tummy after each session!”

– Elizabeth Boon
Crystal Freeze

Aside from the tummy, Elizabeth’s areas of concerns included her arms and thighs as well. The Crystal Freeze treatment freezes and crystallizes fat cells up to -9°C. The procedure involves controlled cooling to effectively target the fat cells underneath your skin. In the process, your fat cells get frozen and destroyed under cold temperatures.

Able to target 2 areas at once, it allowed Elizabeth to target selective areas while maximizing the treatment’s duration. She was able to just lay in comfort throughout the entire process while witnessing optimal, visible results.

Body Contouring/Toning

After the initial phase of Weight Loss, our consultants recommended Elizabeth treatments that were focused on body toning next.

Exilis Body Contouring
Expressions Exilis Body Contouring Treatment

Another of Expressions’ signature treatments, the Exilis Body Contouring treatment effectively tightens and firms loose, excess skin for a visibly contoured figure. This treatment works great for the concerns that many women share – cellulite and flabby arms. If you’re struggling to get rid of these issues, Exilis might just be the solution that you need. The treatment involves the use of both Ultrasonic and US FDA-approved Radio Frequency to induce fat lipolysis and collagen synthesis. Exilis helped to smoothen the appearance of cellulite on Elizabeth’s thighs while giving her the much-needed collagen boost.

Expressions Exilis Body Toning treatment

After 3 sessions, she was able to flaunt a more contoured figure with confidence and she was beyond happy with that.

“I feel more confident, definitely. I’m able to wear clothes that show off my arms and legs more without feeling insecure. Definitely happier and I think I look better in photos as well!”

Expressions anti-cellulite Shockwave treatment

As a specialized anti-cellulite treatment, Shockwave taps on Soundwave technology to reduce fluid retention and improve the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Moreover, it expedites the slimming/weight loss process as well. With a duration of just 20 minutes, Shockwave is really convenient to slot into your lunch break! Pop by any of our four outlets for a quick, fuss-free slimming session.

Having been with Expressions for around 2 years now, we asked Elizabeth what her favourite treatment was, and this was her reply:

I think it’s really hard to pick a favourite because all of them are very complementary to one another. I love all of them!

At present, Elizabeth couldn’t be happier after achieving her dream body, she feels much more confident and happy now while flaunting her favourite clothings! She has been returning to Expressions weekly to upkeep and maintain her slim, toned figure.

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