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Emerald is the world’s first green laserfor overall body circumference reduction

No Side Effects

No Pain

No Downtime

No Freezing

Clinically Tested & FDA ClearedProven effective through level (1) clinical studies

Successful clinical trials and FDA Market-Clearances confirm that the Emerald™ procedure is safe. Since the Emerald laser™ helps you lose actual fat and not water weight, results are permanent as long as you stick to a calorie neutral diet after the treatments.

Proven & measurable results
Average circumference loss of 6 inches *
* Individual results vary
How Emerald Works
Unlike conventional weight loss procedures that remove and destroy fat cells, Emerald’s Laser uses a COLD LASER TECHNOLOGY to shrink fat cells resulting in gradual weight loss that does not risk damage to our bodies.
Allowing our fat cells to remain in the body is essential as they support the biochemical processes that keep us lean and regulate our metabolism, both of which are crucial for weight loss to occur.

Target Areas

Experience a Greener way to weight loss


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