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Personalized Treatment for

All Your Acne Concerns

Made for your delicate skin


U.P. $300

Restore your skin to
it's best today!

Proven results on severe acne

Suitable for sensitive skin

Minimizes pores and prevents acne scarring

Targets pimples, nodules and cysts

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*Individual results may vary

Your journey to clearer skin starts with Expressions

Our acne clearance treatment thoroughly cleanses pores and effectively targets acne bacteria while replenishing moisture at the same time with nutrient-rich formulas.

Lightweight nutrient-rich formulas moisturize skin without leaving an oily feeling. Well moisturized skin keeps hydration and oil levels in balance, preventing acne.

Struggling with recurring active acne?

Want to prevent breakouts?

The science behind breakouts

A common skin condition in Singapore’s humid weather, acne affects significant portion of the population across different ages.

Acne occurs when excess oil from overactive sebaceous glands and dead skin cells clog hair follicles, trapping bacteria inside and leading to inflammation.

Adequately moisturized skin is key

Achieve clear, blemish-free complexion

Do you skip moisturizer to prevent your skin from getting oilier? Even with oily skin, hydration is important to prevent your skin from overproducing oil to compensate for its lack of moisture.

To keep your skin clean of excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells, cleanse your face regularly with gentle products and avoid harsh products that irritate your skin.

We use only plant-based ingredients to fight acne

Purify skin while protecting vital moisture barrier.

With the incorporation of antibacterial and hydrating plant extracts, Expressions Acne Clearance facial kill acne bacteria to reduce skin inflammation and minimize pores while delivering long lasting hydration to regulate sebum levels and calm irritated skin.

Together, these high-performing plant extracts work in tandem to achieve a calmer, clearer visage. 

Tea Tree

Aloe Vera



*Products used are free from harsh chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin

Restore your skin to its best today!

We strive to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction – every visit should be a pampering and delightful experience. Start your journey to clear skin today

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