Crow’s Feet – 5 Tips to Prevent and Get Rid of it

Your eyes are the first thing that people notice about you – and it also happens to be the first to show signs of ageing. As the skin around your eyes is extremely thin, it is more prone to developing the unwanted crow’s feet and fine lines. If you’re one of the lucky ones who haven’t faced these issues – good for you! However, prevention is better than cure and it’s important that you start taking preventive measures now. 

In this article, we will be outlining 5 useful tips on how you can prevent and get rid of crow’s feet.

1. SPF is your best friend

We can’t stress the importance of sunscreen enough. The harmful UV rays cause damage to our skin in so many ways – including premature wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity. 

Therefore, slap on your sunscreen to keep crow’s feet at bay! Make it a habit to apply sunscreen everyday. Apply it all over your face, not forgetting your eye area too. Most of us, including myself, tend to neglect the eye area when it comes to UV protection. Keep that in mind and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

2.   Invest in silk pillowcases

In general, cotton pillowcases tend to be more rough and can cause unwanted friction when you’re sleeping. The more you pull and stretch your skin, the faster it will lose its elasticity and form fine lines. 

Investing in silk pillowcases will minimise the friction against your face with its smooth surface. What’s more, silk cases are also great for preventing friction to your hair!

3. Be gentle around your eye area

You may do it unknowingly more than you realize, in terms of rubbing your skin. Each time you do it, it stretches your skin more, slowly sculpting wrinkles in place. Over time, repeated motions under the eye area will lead to crow’s feet. 

Be as gentle as possible when you are applying your skincare products like eye creams. Use a patting motion until your product is fully absorbed. Do not rub as this will tug and cause unnecessary pulling. 

Tip: Use your ring finger to apply your eye products. Being gentle is key, making the ring finger the most ideal since it exerts the least pressure!

4. Try an eye lifting treatment

L’or Ageless Eye Treatment by Expressions

For visible results quickly, do try out an eye treatment with the help of professionals. With our award winning L’or Ageless Eye Treatment, Expressions should be in your radar to treat your eye concerns. With the use of advanced Radio Frequency technology, collagen and elastin growth will be stimulated alongside the use of luxurious, anti-ageing ingredients. 

A boost in your under eye area entirely lifts your overall appearance. What’s left is a firmer, youthful-looking complexion.

5. Opt for face tightening

Exilis Face Tightening by Expressions targets fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet
Exilis Face Tightening by Expressions targets fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet

Last but not least, our final tip would be to opt for face tightening. The Exilis Face Tightening is ideal for ladies who wish to diminish the look of fine lines while tightening the skin at the same time. With the use of innovative advanced Radio Frequency technology, the treatment will invoke collagen production to strengthen the skin’s texture and elasticity. On top of that, the entire duration of the treatment will be a pain-free, relaxing experience. Our customers even said that the entire session is similar to a hot stone massage! 

With that said, don’t hesitate to try out our Exilis Face Tightening and book a session with us today! 

Beauty is worth it

The forming of these good beauty habits will definitely pay off in the long run. Start by taking small steps first then gradually incorporate more steps into your beauty routine. For beauty, it will all be worth it! 

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